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How to find the
Best Vacuum Sealer ?

Compare : Pressure Ltr/Min & Power!

e.g. V.350 : -0.94bar, 35Ltr/Min & 900W!!!

ES-Vac Extra-Strong
Structured Vacuum
Seal Rolls

LAVA use a patented premium quality multi-layer foil with different layer characteristics.
No other foil welds better sucks quicker, and liquids are drawn slower.
We are the only supplier who doesn't press the structure into the foils.
Compare NOW; it's worth it!

Extremely strong and resistant with 160 microns thickness
Perfect for food with bones or other sharp parts
Made in Switzerland

V.350 Premium – Triple
Sealing 36cm | -0.94bar |
35Ltr/min | 900W

Designed for hard daily work.
No overheating!
LTP (LAVA Turbo Pump).
Pump capacity: 35 litres/ minute
High-quality stainless steel housing
Maximum vacuum pressure: -0.94 bar (-940mbar)
Pressure information from a precise pressure gauge
The automatic cooling system of the sealing strip
Paying attention to the wattage is the key to finding the BEST vacuum sealers.
Higher wattage means faster performance, longer life and hundreds of seals in a row without overheating.
A vacuum sealer with less than 400 Watts is just a toy & a
waste of money.

This is simply physics!

Oli Hepp, Technical Director & Project Lead of Development, LAVA Germany


LAVA Australia

Lava Vacuum Packaging -
Vacuum sealers, vacuum sealer bags, vacuum sealer rolls and accessories.

German Made Quality!

V.300 White – Double Sealing 34cm | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W

Power Pmax: 600 watts
Fan-cooled case to allow long-term use
Maximum vacuum pressure: -0.96 bar (-960mbar)​
Stylish design for the modern kitchen
No overheating. Hundreds of seals in a row

R-Vac Structured
(Standard) Vacuum
Seal Bags

Patented multilayer foils PA/PE
Made in Switzerland
Premium Foil Quality
A very fine structure on one side of the bags
Air is sucked very quick out
Liquids are drawn very slowly upwards

World Wide



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Strong Double Seal

Power: 600Watts

Adjustable sealing Pressure

No Overheating

Vacuum : -0.96 bar

35Liters / Minute

made in germany

LAVA produces the world’s best external vacuum sealers. Please compare the key features to see the vast differences between German-made precision and wobbling, throw-away-stuff from the Far East!


Take your productivity to a new level. With LAVA commercial vacuum sealing machines and vacuum seal bags,  you can work much faster and way more accurately. Save time and money in the long term!


For 30 years, LAVA has made the trendsetter in the vacuum packaging business. Worldwide, manufacturers try to copy us. In terms of performance and reliability, no one comes even close to the original.

swiss made bags & rolls

Patented PA/PE multilayer foils. Non-pressed structure! Our premium quality vacuum seal bags keep tight long term, even in the freezer and sous vide. Order some samples today to find the system that works!


Vacuum packaging is our profession. as well as our passion. Get 24/7 help from real experts. We are here to help!

LAVA -Buy Just Once!

Professional Vacuum
Sealer for domestic,
commercial & industrial use

Explore Australia´s No.1 vacuum packaging store for commercial, industrial and domestic vacuum sealing machines. LAVA offers an enormous variety of 12 professional (single, double and triple seal) Commercial Vacuum Sealers (Cryovak) and more than 50 high-quality vacuum seal bags & rolls. We are the first and only manufacturer of textured (but non-stamped!) extremely stable PA/PE multilayer vacuum packing bags (Patented system!). Compare the key features and be impressed by the vast differences between high-quality LAVA products and any other brand.


The best place in Australia to
find a professional food vacuum
packing machine is at the
vacuum experts here at LAVA.We
have so much to offer:

Highly skilled experts:
In the broad field of vacuum systems, it’s rare to find a team of experts like ours.
LAVA technicians are highly qualified experts with several years of experience in vacuum technology. If you need any advice, we can solve most of your issues over the phone.
Best after-sales service in this field:
All LAVA professional vacuum packers are designed and produced in Germany.
Many of our vacuum sealing machines were tested repeatedly in competitions and awarded VERY GOOD reviews!

Our staff doesn’t just sell. We live vacuum packaging 24/7, and we’re available to help whenever you need it.
Call our emergency line at 049 09 03 03 4, even outside business hours, for expert assistance.

No other company produces a
wider range of external vacuum
packers, vacuum seal bags, rolls
and accessories —that’s
worldwide, not just in Australia,
New Zealand and Oceania!

We developed all of our vacuum packaging machines.
We sustainably produce all of our vacuum sealers under strict quality guidelines in Germany
Our philosophy: The BEST or NOTHING!
Best after-sales service in this field:
Every vacuum sealing machine is put through a fully functional test at our production facility in Germany before it leaves the company.


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