Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia

Commercial Cryovac Machines

Experience the true game-changer in food preservation with LAVA Cryovac machines. Our cutting-edge technology has become a trusted ally for bulk buyers, businesses, fishermen, hunters, caterers, and even passionate sous vide enthusiasts. Imagine having the power to extend the shelf life of your food without compromising on quality, and that’s exactly what our Cryovac machines deliver.

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia

Our 12 Best Cryovac Vacuum Sealers

Professional Cryovac Food Sealers

When you choose LAVA, you’re not just selecting any cryovac vacuum sealer; you’re investing in the pinnacle of precision and efficiency. Our machines are meticulously crafted to ensure unmatched performance, giving you a seamless vacuum sealing experience. Say goodbye to frustrating overheating issues – our design ensures you can work continuously and efficiently.


Embrace the future of cryovac technology and elevate your business with LAVA Cryovac machines. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who’ve revolutionized their cryovacing processes and discover the difference that true innovation can make. Don’t wait – make the smart choice for your business today.

LAVA Vacuum Packaging
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Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia

How do you find the...

Best Cryovac Machine in Australia?

Compare Wattage!

Know Why?!

Wattage is the key to find the Best Cryovac Machine For You

If you’re searching for a cryovac machine that’s built to last, your quest ends here with LAVA. We understand the importance of a long-term investment in your business, and our machines are engineered to stand the test of time. Don’t settle for anything less than reliability when it comes to preserving your products.

Key Considerations for Successful Cryovacing

The bottleneck of all cryovac machines is the sealing bar. Heating the sealing bar needs high power consumption. Because of safety reasons, the power of every cryovac machine needs to be transformed into a low voltage that is safe for humans. We use high-quality transformers to do this, which are expensive, bulky and heavy, but necessary to avoid overheating.

Quality transformers:
… work much faster to heat the sealing bar
do not overheat
… can do hundreds of seals in a row without any breaks for cooling down the machine
… have a much longer lifetime

Cheap transformers always work at their limit, which means that there is a very high risk of overheating.

Our advice when buying a quality Cryovac Vacuum Sealer Machine

… Make sure it is at least 400 watts to avoid overheating. This is simple physics!
… Never buy a cryovac vacuum machine with an internal roll dispenser for serious use (or you will have to buy a replacement soon!). There is simply no space for a quality transformer, or the machines would get too big! They break down after a while, and you will have to buy another vacuum packing machine—it’s just a question of time.
… The weight is also an indicator of quality because suitable transformers are quite heavy. Vacuum packaging machines should weigh at least 4kg. You feel the difference directly when lifting a professional LAVA packing machine.
… It is better to buy a sustainably-produced LAVA packing machine (made in Germany) once than some cheap throw-away machine five times!
This is much cheaper for you and better for the environment in the long run.

LAVA – The Only Cryovac Machine You’ll Ever Need.

12 BEST Cryovac Food Savers 2022 (Single Seal, Double Seal & Triple Seal Cryovacs)

LAVA single seal, double seal and triple seal food preserver are produced to take your productivity to a higher level! With a LAVA Cryovac Machine, you can work like a professional. Vacuum packaging with a vacuum packer by LAVA keeps food fresh for up to 10-times longer. Use a LAVA food saver as the centre of the modern kitchen, a convenient vacuum-sealing unit for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities, chefs use sous vide vacuum sealers in gourmet kitchens or as a powerful vacuum-packing machine in the commercial and industrial sectors. There is a LAVA cryovac machine for everyone.

Stop spending money on throw-away stuff!

Here, you can find the vacuum-packaging unit that best suits your needs! A LAVA keeps going seal after seal up to 1,000 times in a single session.

No other Vacuum Packer has been tested more often and with better results in Germany than the ORIGINAL by LAVA! In nearly all reviews, Our machines perform with outstanding results. The BEST CRYOVAC is hard to beat!

Flexibility is guaranteed:
Packing and sealing of vacuum-sealed foil, cryovac rolls or cryovac bags. Vacuum packing of containers, bowls, bottles and pots. Even vacuum packaging of jars, twist-off glasses and much more. Choose your favorite machine and get detailed information.

Buy LAVA quality today!

12 BEST Cryovac Vacuum Machines for Commercial, Domestic & Industrial use

The 12 BEST Cryovac Machines for commercial, domestic & industrial use in the big comparison. Find Australia’s Best Value for Money machine.
STOP spending money on throw-away stuff!
The original LAVA Vacuum Packer can be ordered here!
With LAVA, you can cryovac like a professional. Keep the freshness of your food up to 10-times longer. A LAVA cryovac machine is the stylish centre of any modern kitchen, a powerful partner for fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities, as well as an efficient cryovac vacuum packing machine in the commercial sector. You can always rely on a LAVA, whether you make 1 cryovac bag or up to 1000 bags per day.

Stop spending money on throw-away items and buy LAVA quality today! See the differences between the world’s best cryovac machines in the following comparison.

The Original by LAVA was tested in Germany during the last few years, with the best results obtained more times than any other brand! Flexible usage is guaranteed: Cryovacing of foils, bags, rolls, containers, bowls, bottles, pots, twist-off glasses, and so much more.


Classic-Line (Single Sealing Cryovac)

V.100® - The Entry Level Food Saver
Single Sealing 35cm | -0.8bar | 20Ltr/min | 400W

Premium-Line (Double Sealing Food Saver Cryovac Machines)

V.100P® – Very Good in the Test!
Double Sealing 34cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 500W

V.200P® – Double sealing & full automatic
Double Sealing 34cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 500W

V.300P® – Tested: very good!
Double Sealing 34cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 500W

V.300B® – Black: Bestseller. Many times rated ‘very good’!
Double Sealing 34cm | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W

V.300W® – White: Top Seller! Superior Quality & Design!
Double Sealing 34cm | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W

Premium-Line (Triple Sealing Cryovac Machines)

V.333® – Design-Line, Silver Metallic Housing
Triple Sealing 35cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 900W

V.333B® – Black-Chrom: Stylish Cryovac Machine
Triple Sealing 35cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 900W

V.350P® – BESTSELLER-Commercial. Stainless steel housing
Triple Sealing 36cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 900W

V.400P® – XL – Best review: Very good in the test!
Triple Sealing 46cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 1100W

V.500P® – XXL Triple Sealing Machine. Stainless steel case
Triple Sealing 72cm | -0.97bar | 3x20Ltr/min | 1800W

V.1200P® – XXXL Industry Device, Triple Sealing
Triple Sealing 121cm | -0.97bar | 3x35Ltr/min | 2600W

BIG Comparison - LAVA's 12 Best Food Savers

Our Cryovac Vacuum Sealer Machines. Important NOTES!

LAVA vacuum equipment is an investment for life. We do not sell cheap and disposable vacuum devices that you can easily find anywhere. A LAVA does what it should, and it works! There are countless application areas where you can use a LAVA.
The fascinating fact is that you can utilize LAVA vacuum packaging machines in both the private and commercial sectors.

Please NOTE:
LAVA offers so-called EXTERNAL Vacuum Sealers, which were designed for structured foils. Smooth bags that you do not purchase from us will usually not work!

Singles and working people are often in a hurry to eat and need small portions. In orderto still benefit from the cheaper jumbo packaging, it pays to purchase a cryovac machine. Large amounts can be divided, and prepared meals can be stored more comfortably and more prolonged. LAVA Cryovac machines are available as single, double or even triple seal machines and are by far the best performing machine in their category.

Unique Features of LAVA Cryovac Machines

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
1000 Seals in a Row - No Problem!

No overheating is possible, thanks to our oversized high-performance transformator. Continuous commercial use is no problem, as we offer the highest reliability for external machines on the market. You might find a cheaper unit, but we are sure that you will not find a better one!

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Removable Liquid Seperator

Only available at LAVA. LAVA has effective pump protection against liquid damages. The fluid separator is removable and easy to clean. This is an important Feature!

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Hermetically Vacuum Packaging

LAVA closes vacuum seal bags reliable with double and triple sealings. Safety first is important, especially if you have a product with a little bit of liquid. All LAVA premium models offer a double or even a triple seal for maximum security.

Cryovac Vacuum Sealer Features

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Spare Part Availability Guarantee

A lifetime investment. Continuous commercial use is no problem. A big difference between LAVA cryovac machines and the competitor devices: We don’t use one big electronic board to control the functionality of the machine. A LAVA food saver machine consists of many individual parts. Therefore it is possible to repair a LAVA cryovac machine by quickly replacing single items without generating high costs.

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia

Take your productivity to a higher level. Be faster with a LAVA machine. Our innovative, high-quality LAVA-Turbo-Pump is the strongest in its class. With a capacity of 35 Litre air per minute, you can vacuum with our Premium models in seconds with large bags. It is amazing that this powerful pump is ultra quiet.

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
LAVA Closing

Another great idea to work faster. With LAVA LCS, you push the sealer lid only for a short moment. Save time and prepare your next vacuum pack while the Vacuum Food Saver is running.

More Features of LAVA Food Cryovacs

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Service Friendly

Everything is individually replaceable. Save money in the long-term. E.g., the plugged seals make it is easy to replace them on your own quickly, so no expensive service charges appear by sending the machine back to us.

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Strongest Vacuum Pressure

Maximum vacuum of up to -0,96bar. A better vacuum means less oxygen, and less oxygen means keeping food longer fresh. All LAVA vacuum pumps use high-quality roller bearings and no cheap plastic or copper bearing like most of the other brands. Again the No.1!

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Big Model Variety

Sealing bars from 34 to 121 cm. E.g., LAVA Cryovac Machine V.500 Premium Triple sealing, 72-cm sealing bar, Stainless steel cabinet

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Precisely Pressure Gauges

Make it your choice. E.g., LAVA Food Saver V.300 Premium. Follow the vacuum progress and adjust to the pressure that you need with our L+ pressure-regulation system. Now, you can decide the pressure at which you want to seal the bag.

More LAVA Cryovac Features

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Flexible Use

No other brand offers more flexibility. One Cryovac machine for several applications. You can vacuum seal our textured, smooth, ESD, metallized, colored, dry aging, zipper, thin & thick (up to 200 microns) vacuum seal bags. Please note: We cannot give any guarantee for foils from other manufacturers!!!

Our 12 Cryovac Machines LAVA Australia
Adjustable Pressure Regulation

Only available at LAVA. A LAVA Cryo Vac Machine creates strong vacuum pressure but only when you need it! No more squashed bread or damage to fragile products. One more reason why a LAVA is better than the others is the modulating pressure regulation. This feature allows you to adjust between -0.2 bar and the maximum possible vacuum. Some other devices have a pulsing function that allows air to get back into the bags. Only a LAVA offers this handy feature.

Benefit from Bulk Buying

Singles and working people are often in a hurry to eat and need small portions. In orderto still benefit from the cheaper jumbo packaging, it pays to purchase a machine. Large amounts can be divided, and prepared meals can be stored more comfortably and more prolonged. LAVA vacuum sealing machines are available as single, double or even triple seal vacuum sealers and are by far the best performing vac packer in their category.