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Uncover the culinary wonders of dry aging meat right in your own kitchen with our exquisite LAVA Dry Aging Bags. Experience the delight of crafting mouthwatering homemade steaks, roasts, and briskets that will leave you craving more.

Indulge in the extraordinary flavour these bags bring to your meats while relishing the convenience and reliability of home food drying. Elevate your cooking adventures with LAVA Dry Aging Bags – your gateway to culinary excellence.

With a drying process that spans anywhere from 28 to 45 days, you can embark on this culinary adventure with confidence, knowing that success is assured when you follow our precise instructions. Begin your journey towards mouthwatering dry-aged perfection with LAVA today. Elevate your culinary skills with LAVA Dry Aging Bags and relish restaurant-quality flavours in the comfort of your home.

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Dry aging meat has surged in popularity among chefs and food enthusiasts in recent years. This time-honoured technique involves the meticulous aging of beef cuts under controlled conditions, resulting in a remarkable transformation that elevates the meat’s flavour and texture to gourmet levels. Central to this process are meat maturing bags, indispensable tools that preserve meat quality and ensure a successful aging journey. In this article, we’ll immerse ourselves in the art of dry aging meat, focusing on the pivotal role played by meat maturing bags in crafting this culinary marvel.

Dry Aging Vacuum Bags – the art of beef maturing

Beef demands time to mature gracefully, and this process is an art in its own right.

Dry aging, often referred to as “maturing dry,” is the time-honoured method of enhancing meat’s tenderness and intensifying its flavour. This centuries-old technique elevates beef to the pinnacle of quality, resulting in an exceptional dining experience.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

LAVA Steak Aging Bags + Rolls

Are you searching for a way to create something truly exceptional for your loved ones? Something that transcends the everyday culinary experience? Dry-aged beef could be the answer. With the right tools, you can craft this exquisite steak right in the comfort of your own home. In a gourmet restaurant, a delicacy like this can often cost over $150 per kilo, a significant expense that could be better invested in a sustainable and unforgettable culinary adventure.

The solution: Dry age steaks in vacuum bags!

To begin your dry aging adventure, you’ll require essential equipment: Fresh beef steaks, preferably a whole back or a substantial entrecote cut, a LAVA Australia vacuum sealer, and the indispensable LAVA A-Vac Dry Aging Bags. Additionally, you’ll need a refrigerator with precise temperature control and a generous dose of patience to embark on your rewarding dry aging journey.

To create Dry-Aged Beef or dry-aged meat at home, you have two options: investing in a dry-aging fridge or opting for this more cost-effective method.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia
Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

Meat Maturing Suitable for All Vacuum Sealing Machines

Our Dry Aging Bags for meat maturing are universally compatible with all vacuum sealing devices available. With three different sizes in Australia to choose from, you can easily tailor them to your specific requirements:

Size 20 x 30 cm: Ideal for 1 - 2 kg of meat

Size 25 x 55 cm: Perfect for 2 - 5 kg of meat

Size 30 cm x 3 m (Roll): Convenient roll format for larger quantities

All sizes include Vac-Aid strips for easy vacuum sealing.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

Experience Unmatched Flavour with Lava's Membrane Beef Aging Bags

Discover the remarkable potential of our one-sided diffusion-open Lava Membrane Beef Aging Bags, which unlock revolutionary possibilities. Within a protective atmosphere, your beef undergoes multiple stages of aging, gently enhancing its quality. The concentrated flavours leisurely unfurl, immersing your taste buds in entirely new dimensions of taste. The delicate, fine texture creates a memorable sensation on your palate, ensuring every bite is an unparalleled delight. Bold, nutty essences enrich your senses, elevating your culinary experience.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia


Vacuum Sealing Process

LAVA’s Dry Aging Bags and Rolls can be effortlessly vacuum-sealed using your LAVA vacuum sealing device or equipment from any other brand. Rest assured, a comprehensive instruction manual is included with every purchase, or you can conveniently download it from our website.

Vac-Aid Strips Included

for External Vacuum Sealers

All Aging Bags in our range are equipped with Vac-Aid strips, designed to streamline the vacuum sealing process when using external vacuum sealers. These high-quality dry aging bags are constructed from thin, permeable, smooth foils. The Vac-Aid strips serve as a bridge between the bag and the vacuum sealer, allowing air to pass through efficiently and ensuring an effective vacuum seal.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

LAVA Maturing Bags for Beef

To create Dry-Aged Beef or dry-aged meat, you have the option of using a dry-aging fridge or this more cost-effective method of dry aging.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

Dry aging occurs within a LAVA A-Vac dry aging bag, causing the total weight of the beef to reduce by up to 20%. To start the process, the membrane bag must be properly evacuated using a vacuum sealer. LAVA recommends maintaining an ideal refrigerator temperature of approximately 0 to +4°C. It's crucial to ensure that this temperature range is not exceeded during the dry aging process to achieve the best results.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

During the aging process, the membrane layer of our vacuum dry aging bags adheres firmly to the meat. To ensure a successful outcome, it's vital to keep the meat consistently positioned during the entire aging process, avoiding any confusion. The dry aging bags' membranes, designed for aging, are unique as they are airtight to the outside and permeable to water vapor inwardly. This specific characteristic contributes to the ultimate weight loss in the meat. After the aging process, the dry outer layer is trimmed away, leading to further weight reduction. Hence, it's essential to ensure that the meat has a light coat of grease on the outside to facilitate this process.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

After a minimum of 3 weeks (and you can also extend it to 4 weeks), once the outer layer is removed, the premium-quality stainless meat core takes center stage. Now, this gourmet meat can be prepared on the grill or in a pan with a delicious marinade. Those who have had the opportunity to savor this type of meat know that the extended wait is truly worth it.

How to succeed Using Dry Aged Beef Bags: Step-by-Step

Choosing quality meat

When selecting your beef subprimal, whether it’s striploin or boneless ribeye, head to your club store or local butcher. Opt for an intramuscular marbled, boneless piece, such as Ribeye, Entrecote, striploin, Roast beef, or ideally, Heifers meat. Aim for a weight range between 2 and 8 kilograms; avoid aging single steaks, as the goal is to maximize flavor and prevent muscle meat loss. Look for meat marbled with a layer of fat, which helps preserve the precious muscle meat.

Ensure that the meat hasn’t undergone wet aging (in a food vacuum seal bag) or been stored in a cooling chamber for too long. Keep in mind that during dry aging, your meat can lose up to 10% of its weight per week of aging. Further weight loss occurs when removing the dry crust. Follow all the steps carefully, and the results will live up to our claims. Dry Aged Beef Bags have become increasingly popular among discerning individuals in Australia, seeking exceptional taste experiences.

Hygiene when working
with fresh meat

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial when handling fresh meat. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before working with meat to ensure cleanliness and prevent potential contamination.

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

How do you use our LAVA Dry Age Bags?

Preparation of your meat

When preparing the meat for the bag, portion out the appropriate amount, but refrain from washing or drying the meat before placing it in the bag. Additionally, avoid removing any meat juice, as it plays a crucial role in the drying process. Excessive handling and tampering can increase the risk of germs proliferating and potentially contaminating the meat.

Fill the dry aging vacuum bag

For a flawless seal, it's essential to prevent any liquids from coming into contact with the welding area of the bag. To achieve this, flip the bag's edge inside out before filling it to ensure it stays clear of any fluids. Once you've finished stuffing, carefully flip the edge back to its original position and gently press out any excess air from the bag. This meticulous approach will help guarantee a perfect seal.

Adjust the dry aged beef bag

Trim away any excess material, leaving approximately 8 cm (3 inches) remaining. This step ensures a tidy and effective sealing process.

Dry Aging Bags Australia

Vacuum & Sealing

Seal the meat inside the Dry-Aging bags' membrane. Since LAVA Dry Age Bags lack a built-in structure, we've included structured foil strips for your convenience. Position these VAC-Aid strips on top of the bag's edge to allow air to escape.
After vacuuming and sealing, perform a second sealing operation. Trim away any excess strip material down to the sealing seam. Then, place the bag on the welding ledge, ensuring it remains outside the vacuuming area. This method ensures a secure and effective seal for your dry aging process.

Start Dry Aging

Once you've vacuumed the meat, carefully place it in the coldest section of your fridge, preferably on a grill shelf. Maintain a temperature range between +1°C and a maximum of +4°C, with the best results typically achieved at around +3°C. Ensure your fridge has ample space for good air circulation.
To avoid any contact between the Dry Aging Bags and other products in your fridge, do not stack or place anything on top of the Meat Maturing Bag. We recommend using a no-frost fridge for optimal results, although conventional refrigerators have also proven to yield excellent outcomes in the dry aging process.

The Meat Maturing Process

During the initial 3 to 5 days, the membrane material within the LAVA A-Vac Dry Aging Bags begins to establish a connection with the meat. It's important to keep the bag undisturbed on a rack inside the fridge during this period. This allows oxygen to enter the meat while moisture is gradually released. To achieve the best results, it's essential to avoid any unnecessary movement of the bag. Depending on your personal preference, you can age the meat for up to 28 days. However, an extended aging period is generally not necessary and only brings marginal changes to the taste. We recommend a maturation period of approximately 25 days for optimal results.

Dry Ager Bags Australia

Trimming the meat

Once the aging process has reached your desired level of maturation, carefully remove the meat from the bag. Peel away the dry aging bag, and you'll notice that the meat has developed a darker hue and formed a firm crust. The aroma should be pleasant and not unpleasant.
Before consumption, you have the option to remove the crust, which can be reserved for fonds or other culinary uses. To unveil the succulent, dry-aged steak, gently shave off the mahogany bark. Then, you can either grill the steak to perfection immediately or store it in the freezer for future enjoyment.

Enjoy the taste of your DIY worldclass Dry Aged Beef

With LAVA A-Vac Dry Aging Bags, your beef undergoes a remarkable transformation, developing a woody, nutty, and sweet flavour profile along with an incredibly tender texture.

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(30 customer reviews)

The Role of Meat Aging Bags

Moisture loss plays a crucial role in the dry aging process, and this is where meat aging bags truly excel. Throughout the aging period, dry-aged beef can lose up to approximately 30% of its initial volume in terms of water content. This reduction in moisture is a significant contributor to the concentration of flavors within the meat. However, it’s vital to manage this moisture loss meticulously.

Dry aging bags provide a controlled environment where moisture loss is minimized, all while allowing for the desired flavor concentration. These specialized bags are designed to permeate the meat’s surface while preventing excessive moisture evaporation. The result is a perfectly balanced dry-aged steak with intensified flavors. This is precisely where the use of dry aging bags for meat becomes indispensable for creating culinary perfection.

Maintain Surface Integrity

Moreover, dry aging bags play a pivotal role in preserving the surface integrity of the meat. A significant portion of moisture loss occurs in the outer layers of the meat during the aging process, potentially leading to desiccation. Dry aging bags act as a protective shield, preventing these outer layers from excessive drying. This means you’ll lose minimal meat during trimming before cooking.

In essence, the larger the initial piece of meat you start with and the lower the surface area to volume ratio, the better your yield will be when utilizing dry aging bags. This preservation of meat quality is just one of the many compelling reasons why both professional chefs and home cooks consider dry aging bags an indispensable tool in their culinary endeavours.

Tenderization with Beef Maturing Bags

In addition to flavour concentration, tenderization is another remarkable aspect of dry aging, and it’s where beef maturing bags play a significant role. Throughout the aging process, natural enzymes present in the meat work to break down some of the tougher muscle fibers and connective tissues. This enzymatic action is essential for achieving a noticeably more tender steak compared to a fresh cut. Dry aging bags actively assist in this process by creating an ideal environment for enzyme activity.

No Cross-Contamination

When meat is placed in a dry aging bag, it is sealed airtight, allowing the enzymes to work their magic without the risk of external contaminants. This controlled environment ensures consistent and thorough tenderization. As the proteins break down over time, the meat becomes increasingly tender, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth experience when it’s time to cook and savour the aged steak. Therefore, the use of beef maturing bags not only preserves the moisture content and flavour but also contributes significantly to the desired tenderness of dry-aged beef.

Flavour Evolution in Meat Maturing

The flavour profile of dry-aged meat evolves over time due to various processes, including enzymatic and bacterial action. Dry aging bags play a pivotal role in maintaining the ideal conditions for this flavour transformation. As the meat ages, enzymes break down proteins and fats, leading to the development of rich and complex flavours. Bacteria present on the meat’s surface also contribute to this flavour evolution.

No Deeply beefy, nutty, and almost cheese aromas

Properly dry-aged meat will develop deeply beefy, nutty, and almost cheese-like aromas. These flavors are a testament to the meticulous control of the aging process, made possible by dry aging bags. These bags shield the meat from external influences, ensuring that the flavour-enhancing processes remain undisturbed. The result is a steak that offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience, with flavours that are unmatched by any other cooking method.

Dry Aging

Dry Aging Bags LAVA Australia

No Dry Ager Refrigerator Required

Unlock the Art of Perfect Home Dry Aged Beef

Experience the enchantment of crafting exquisite Dry Aged Beef right in the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for a dedicated aging cabinet.

In culinary artistry, dry aging meat is a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection of flavour. Dry aging bags play a pivotal role in preserving moisture, tenderizing the meat, and nurturing flavour development during this transformative process. The meticulous use of dry aging bags ensures that every bite of a well-aged steak becomes a culinary masterpiece. As you embark on your dry aging journey, remember that success hinges not only on your choice of meat but also on the tools you wield, with dry age bags as an indispensable ally in your quest for the perfect steak.

Transform Premium Meat into Perfection with Original Lava Australia Dry Aging Bags

In just a short span of 3-4 weeks, the original Lava Dry Aging Bags effortlessly transform high-quality meat into delectable Dry Aged Beef, and even facilitate the maturation of sausages and hams. All of this can be accomplished right within the confines of your own refrigerator, making it a culinary feat that’s both convenient and accessible.

Versatility and Ease: Suitable for All Vacuum Sealing Devices

The Lava Dry Aging Bags are incredibly versatile, as they are compatible with all vacuum sealing devices, providing unparalleled convenience and adaptability to your dry aging process.

Choices Galore: Three Different Sizes in Australia Available

Tailor your dry aging experience with a selection of six different sizes:

  • Standard Sizes range from 20 x 30 cm to 30 cm x 3 m
  • Size 20 x 30 cm: Ideal for 1 – 2 kg of meat
  • Size 25 x 40 cm: Perfect for 1.5 – 4 kg of meat (Not available in Australia)
  • Size 25 x 55 cm: Suitable for 2 – 5 kg of meat
  • Size 30 x 60 cm: Accommodating 5 – 8 kg of meat (Not available in Australia)
  • Size 40 x 70 cm: Generously holds 8 – 11 kg of meat (Not available in Australia)
  • Size 30 cm x 3 m: Available as a practical roll
  • All sizes include Vac-Aid strips for effortless vacuum sealing


Please be aware that Dry Aging Bags and Rolls come with an estimated shelf life of approximately 0.5 – 1 year from the date of purchase.

Revolutionary Lava Membrane Aging Bags: Elevating Culinary Boundaries

The innovative one-sided diffusion-open Lava Membrane Aging Bag heralds a new era of culinary exploration. Within the protective embrace of this bag, a symphony of flavor transformations takes place as the meat gently matures. Concentrated aromas gracefully unfurl, beckoning you into uncharted realms of taste. The initial tasting experience will be etched in your memory forever. The delicate, nuanced texture tantalizes your palate, delivering an unmatched indulgence. Bold, nutty essences enrich your sensory journey, creating an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Simple Sealing, Impeccable Results

Effortlessly vacuum seal your Dry Aging Bags using your Lava vacuum sealing device or any other brand of your choice. Each purchase includes a comprehensive guide, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Vac-Aid Strengthened: Tailored for External Vacuum Sealers

Vac-Aid strips are included with every set of Dry Aging Bags, enhancing compatibility with external vacuum sealers.

Unlocking UMAI: The Japanese Art of Flavour

In the world of dry aging meat, there’s a term that resonates across cultures: UMAI. Derived from the Japanese language, UMAI encapsulates the essence of exceptional flavour. Dry aging, with its meticulous process of moisture reduction and flavour concentration, embodies the very spirit of UMAI. Through the alchemy of time and technique, meat undergoes a remarkable transformation, evolving into a culinary masterpiece that awakens the senses. UMAI reminds us that the pursuit of flavour perfection knows no borders, connecting connoisseurs worldwide in their quest for the ultimate savoury delight.

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