Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

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Tired of wasting money on cheap, throw-away cryovac bags?
It’s time to make a lasting change and invest in vacuum packaging solutions from LAVA.

When it comes to extending the shelf life of your food, the choice of quality bags is paramount. At LAVA, we offer a range of top-quality food cryovac bags that are engineered to meet the highest standards of preservation. Our bags are designed to keep your food fresh and flavourful for longer periods, preventing freezer burn and spoilage. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, a meal prepper, or want to reduce food waste, our food vacuum cryovac bags are your dependable choice. Explore our selection and experience the convenience and freshness that only LAVA can deliver.

Say goodbye to cheap alternatives and start preserving your food the right way with LAVA.

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

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Best Vacuum Food Sealer Bags - Know why!

Wanna buy the Best Food Vacuum Seal Bags?!

LAVA offers the widest variety of Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls (Far more than 50 different vacuum Cryovac sealer bags & rolls). The most compelling evidence, we offer more than 50 different food vacuum sealer bags & rolls! Of course, for all vaccume sealer brands!

Are you tired of receiving only superficial information about not only vacuum seal bags but also rolls and foils? Do you look for more than just “buy?”

If you like all the information in one big report? Then, you’ll LOVE the following guide. Just give attention to this page to find the best vacuum sealer bags in Australia. Find here everything you need to know about food vacuum seal bags. Next, we’ll show you where to pay attention when buying. Finally, you’ll get also introduced to the seven best vacuum sealing bags in their respective fields of application.

Any further questions? Please call us on 1300778829. Our team will answer all your questions about cryovac bags clearly and, above all, reasonably.

In short, with LAVA, you will meet specialists who don’t just sell; we live vaccum 24/7, and we will help you. Try it!

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia
Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

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Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

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Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Some advantages of high-quality

food vacuum sealer bags

Lightly structured and embossed design

Imagine a food vacuum sealer bag with two unstructured foils. The space between those foils is minimal. It will take a bit of time to suck the air out of the food saver bag, and often (other company’s products only!), it does not work out. We produce LAVA-patented vac pack bags with multilayered foils. A layer on one side is a filigree-fine fleece. So even if you put the two foils together, enough space will remain to suck the air out of the vacuum-sealer bag quick.


Other companies try to copy this system by pressing a structure into the foil with a stamp. They get weak, and this is horrible for the vacuum food sealer bags. Furthermore, the actual thickness is less than specified. Therefore, those bags often crack, and diffusion tightness falls off dramatically.

-> No High-Quality Cryovac Bags supplier press the structure into the vac pack foil.

High-quality food saver bags are super strong and tear resistant up to 4-layer laminated PA/PE film.


This multilayer system includes one patented fleece layer. All in all, the vacuum sealer can suck the air out of the bag more quicker. In fact, the same effect prevents fluid from being sucked up, saving time and money.

 Each layer has different characteristics. As a result, the outer layer is very strong, and the inner layer is perfect for welding.

-> Cheap vacuum sealing bags have only one layer!

-> PA and PE are the materials for a Quality vacuum seal bag!-> Low-quality bags rarely keep tight in the long term, especially when temperatures change!

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Please note the seal width of your vacuum sealer!

LAVA offers 7 different kinds of foil and far more than 50 different sizes of high-quality food sealer bags and rolls in its program. Definately, no other food saver vacuum bags supplier offers a wider variety of vacuum food sealer bags and rolls!

Find the correct width for your vacuum sealer in our store. Our standard sizes are up to 120 cm in width, but please let us know if you need any unique sizes. In case you want to place bulk orders, from 2000 units, we will produce any size you wish.


The number of different width measurements is the surest sign to recognise a good vacuum packing bags manufacturer. Of course, many companies that want to make quick money use obsolete production equipment. This is why they make the food saver vacuum bags from inferior foils. A beautiful packaging or promise in the sale is to upgrade them.

-> Quality suppliers offer a wide variety of foils!

Production technology from LAVA vacuum food sealer bags is High-Tech

Be careful if a vacuum seal bag has opening at the outer edge at the bottom end. Firstly, to cut the bags, they produce rolls. Secondly, they weld dividing lines into the rolls. Third, they cut bags off from the rolls. In general, ancient production lines make only one cut to see the beginning of the next food vacuum seal bag at the bottom of every vacuum packing bag. It is important to realize, that some low-quality suppliers from the Far East or Eastern Europe still use production machines that we scrapped several years ago.


Do not let the much lower prices mislead you! To repeat, some companies offering this outdated and unhygienic technology mostly use low-quality foils.

-> Made in Switzerland under the highest standards!


High-quality channel vacuum bags from LAVA are manufactured in Switzerland and meet the strictest guidelines. Another keypoint, the embossed structure on one side of the film allows any food vacuum sealer (no matter which brand) to vacuum quickly. In addition, thanks to the excellent structure, liquid components on the goods don’t suck up promptly toward the bag opening.


All LAVA food vacuum sealer bags are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland under the strictest guidelines.

-> TRUST the original.

Food vacuum seal bags will have the closest contact with your food!

Most manufacturers advertise that their bags are BPA-free. Every company does that now. However, what is up with softeners and other dangerous ingredients? We guarantee that our bags are free of any plasticiser and also free of polyethylene glycol, talc, silica, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan, E1521, E553b, E551, E432, among others.

Our R-Vac, E-Vac, RS-Vac and ES-Vac foils comply with the following guidelines:

• EU Framework Regulation 1935/2004 / EC
• Swiss Food and Utility Regulation (LGV) 817.02• Food, Feedstuff and Commodities Code (LFGB) §§30 and §§31
• Consumer Goods Ordinance of 10.04.1992 and subsequent amendments
• Regulation (EU) 10/2011 including the following changes and corrections 1282/2011, 1183/2012 and 202/2014
• Swiss regulation of the EDI on commodities 817.023.21


Before you buy any other vacuum bag, please ask yourself the following questions:

-> Do other vacuum sealer bag suppliers also meet the above mentioned high standards?

-> Where does your supplier produce the foils? Asian foils can contain dangerous ingredients!

-> If you are not sure, don’t risk your health and TRUST the original!

The LAVA E-Vac and R-Vac Vacuum Sealer Foils are absolutely airtight. Furthermore, they fit for both freezer and refrigerator, next they are food-safe, tasteless and odourless, microwave and  cooking-bag suitable and dishwasher ready; therefore, you can reuse them at any time.

Our bags retain their properties in cold and heat and do not pass any ingredients to the food even under extreme temperature fluctuations.


LAVA Vacuum Seal Foils are:

->  food-safe, tasteless & odourless!

-> suitable for storage in cooling and freezing environments for at least 2 years

-> suited for the microwave and temperatures up to 95°C

->  perfectly suitable for Sous-Vide Low-Temperature Cooking.

Vacuum seal bags from LAVA are reusable and dishwasher-safe and, therefore, you can use them many times!


Recycled plastic is less expensive but can contain all kinds of chemicals. Competitors who use recycled plastic cannot offer certificates issued by well-known institutes, as the ingredients of their bags vary — but we can!

No recycled materials are used in the production of LAVA Vacuum Sealer Bags or Rolls. GUARANTEED!

-> You get what you pay for!

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

It’s the best-selling sous vide bags, with finished pouches and 3 sides welded, and it’s available in many sizes. The execution is smooth on one side and structured on the other side. Our structure allows the vacuum sealer to vacuum very quickly. Liquids don’t suck so fast towards the bag’s opening, thanks to the very fine structure. Here are the application areas: Unrestricted for all food and products in trade and industry; therefore,  these are the perfect Sous Vide Bags. Suitable equipment: Vacuum sealers of all make without exception; it is also ideal for chamber vacuum devices.

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Very popular! Extra-strong vac pack bags, three sides welded, are currently available in 4 different sizes. Areas of application: Unrestricted for all foods due to the extra-strong design but especially recommended for sharp-edged products in trade and industry. Suitable equipment: As a rule, all vacuum sealers of all makes (with or without chamber).

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Superstrong Vacuum Pack Bags in Top-Quality. Perfect for products with sharp edges. Perfect for all LAVA Vacuum Sealer. Extremely strong and resistant with 160-microns thickness. One side Black with DRY AGER Logo. Perfect for food with sharp bones or other sharp parts. Made in Switzerland. Premium Foil Quality. Patented multilayer foils PA/PE.

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Freshness-Zip (Easily open and close these food vacuum seal bags with the integrated Zipper). Made in Switzerland. Premium Foil Quality. Patented multilayer foils PA/PE.

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Silver side-fold multi-layer aluminium bags, 3-sided welded, currently available in 4 different sizes. Smooth execution on both sides Applications: Ideal for light-sensitive products, such as coffee, tea, spices or industrial goods Suitable equipment: As a rule, all vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers of all makes (with or without chamber). No other competitor offers these kind of food vacuum seal bags for external vacuum sealers!

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Only available here: ESD-Bags for external vacuum sealers!
Ready-made bags, 3-sided welded, currently available in 7 different sizes. Execution on both sides smoothly, the foil can be inserted due to unique construction quite generally WITHOUT folding technology, for vacuuming and welding. Areas of application: Electronic components or for products as protection against charging in trade and industry. Suitable devices: LAVA vacuum sealers (all LAVA models are ideally suited for these films, the best-selling in the commercial sector are the models V.400 and V.500). In case you are using another device: Ask your device manufacturer if your vacuum sealer or food vacuum sealer (with or without chamber) is designed for and can weld to EMI shielding foils.

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Introducing B-Vac Black Food Vacuum Vacuum Bags (Black Textured) by Lava. With a thickness of approximately 120 µ, these ribbed black bags are a perfect fit for Lava and other vacuum sealer brands, including chamber sealers. Crafted from PE/PA in ★★★★★ premium quality, they feature a structured black side and a smooth transparent side, ideal for presenting your products attractively. These food-safe, BPA-free bags offer exceptional shelf life, making them suitable for cooling and freezing. Trust Lava’s recommendation to ensure optimal performance with your Lava vacuum sealer and enjoy the convenience of these top-quality bags.

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

LAVA delivers Dry-Aging-bags in excellent quality. DIY super tender Dry-Aged Beef with LAVA Dry-Aging-Vacuum-Sealer-Bags. You can do the traditional way of aging beef now yourself. Get the highest possible grade out of your steak and experience the extraordinary taste. Waiting for the result is worth it!

Food Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Introducing LAVA’s Vacuum Seal Bags Bulk Box – the ultimate solution for your vacuum sealing needs! Now, you can secure our most popular food vacuum seal bags in bulk boxes at massively reduced prices.

Buy LAVA’s Vacuum Seal Bags Bulk Box. The price includes GST and shipping, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for you. Shop with confidence at Australia’s #1 Vac Pack Shop.

Why should you consider ordering our Vacuum Sealer Bags in Bulk?

  1. Stay Stocked Up: Ordering in bulk ensures you never run out of high-quality vacuum seal bags when you need them most.

  2. Perfect for Commercial Use: Our vacuum sealers are crafted to meet professional standards, making them ideal for use in commercial spaces such as restaurants, catering services, and more.

  3. Bulk Discounts: The more you buy, the bigger the discount! We believe in offering our customers great value for their investment.

  4. Effortless Ordering: We make it simple to order the exact number of bags you require, eliminating the hassle of frequent reordering.

Invest in LAVA’s Vacuum Seal Bags Bulk Box today and experience the convenience of having top-notch Swiss-made quality bags on hand, whether you’re a home chef or a professional in a bustling kitchen. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big while securing your food with precision and reliability. Order now and elevate your food storage game with LAVA!

Don't Waste Your Money on Cheap Throw-Away-Stuff

With high-quality Swiss Made LAVA Food Vacuum Seal Bags, you can trust that your food will stay fresh and secure for longer periods of time, and free up more space in your kitchen! 

Buy High-Quality Food Vacuum Bags from LAVA

High-quality food vacuum seal bags are essential for multiple reasons, particularly concerning health, financial savings, and overall effectiveness. From a health perspective, these vacuum sealer bags are designed to be free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that the food stored within remains uncontaminated and safe for consumption. This is crucial, as low-quality alternatives may leach toxic substances into food, posing significant health risks.

Financially, investing in superior vacuum seal bags is cost-effective in the long run. These vacuum seal bags typically have a stronger seal, which means they are less likely to tear or lose their vacuum over time. This robustness is vital in preserving the quality and longevity of food, reducing waste and saving money that would otherwise be spent on replacing spoiled produce.

Moreover, high-quality vacuum seal bags are more efficient. They maintain a tighter seal, which better protects food from air and moisture – the primary culprits in food spoilage. This tight seal is instrumental in extending the shelf life of various food items, from meats to vegetables, ensuring that they stay fresh for longer periods. The effectiveness of these cryovac bags in preventing freezer burn and maintaining the original taste and texture of food is unparalleled compared to lower-quality alternatives.

In summary, the necessity of using high-quality food vacuum sealer bags lies in their capacity to safeguard health, save money by reducing food waste, and maintain food freshness through superior sealing technology. These advantages make LAVA Food Vacuum Seal Bags an indispensable tool in any kitchen.