50 Black Vacuum Seal Bags (25 x 30cm)

Super-Strong 160-microns. One side Black with DRY AGER Logo


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Superstrong Vacuum Seal Bags in Top-Quality. Perfect for products with sharp edges. Perfect for all LAVA Vacuum Sealer.

NOTE: Not all vacuum sealing machines can seal 160-micron foils!

LAVA use a patented premium quality multi-layer foil with different layer characteristics. No other foil welds better, sucks quicker and liquids are drawn slower. We are the only supplier who doesn t press the structure into the foils! Compare NOW; it s worth it!

  • Extremely strong and resistant with 160-microns thickness
  • One side Black with DRY AGER Logo (the backside is clear!)
  • Perfect for food with sharp bones or other sharp parts
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Premium Foil Quality
  • Patented multilayer foils PA/PE
  • Very fine structure on one side of the bags
  • Air is sucked very quick out
  • Liquids are drawn very slowly upwards
  • Super Strong and tear resistant
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Free of any softeners
  • Airtight
  • Suitable for storage in cooling and freezing for several years
  • Food-Safe, tasteless and odourless
  • Microwave and boiling bag suited up to + 95 C
  • Perfect suitable also for the Sous-Vide Low-temperature Cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe and therefore reusable many times!

Do you need a particular size? No problem, we’ll produce from 3.000 units any size of Black vacuum seal bags with Dry-Ager Logo you want!

6 reviews for 50 Black Vacuum Seal Bags (25 x 30cm)

  1. Milla (verified owner)

    These bags are strong and stylish. Great for sealing meat, because I hunt I find them to be superb.

  2. Haide (verified owner)

    Good price, very good quality and a great range of vacuum sealer bags and rolls. I love the black vacuum sealer bags!

  3. Ben H. (verified owner)

    The only vacuum sealer bags I know which really keep tight in long term.

  4. Keith (verified owner)

  5. Oli H. (verified owner)

  6. Florian H. (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I highly recommend it!

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