A-Vac Dry-Aging Vacuum Seal Bags




Unlock the secrets of perfect Dry Aged Beef at home, without the need for a dedicated aging cabinet. With Lava’s original Dry Aging Bags, you can transform high-quality meat into exquisite Dry Aged Beef or age sausages and hams within just 3-4 weeks, right in your own refrigerator.

Suitable for All Vacuum Sealing Machines

Our Dry Aging Bags are compatible with all vacuum sealing devices on the market. They come in six different sizes, catering to your specific needs:

Size 20 x 30 cm: Ideal for 1 - 2 kg of meat

Size 25 x 55 cm: Perfect for 2 - 5 kg of meat

Size 30 cm x 3 m (Roll): Convenient roll format for larger quantities

All sizes include Vac-Aid strips for easy vacuum sealing.

A-Vac Dry-Aging Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

Experience Unmatched Flavour with Lava's Membrane Aging Bags

Our one-sided diffusion-open Lava Membrane Aging Bags open up revolutionary possibilities. Within a protective atmosphere, the meat undergoes various stages of aging, enhancing its quality gently. Concentrated flavors have the time to unfold slowly, immersing your taste buds in entirely new realms of taste. The delicate, fine texture will be a memorable sensation on your palate, making every bite an unparalleled delight. Bold, nutty essences will enrich your senses.

A-Vac Dry-Aging Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia


Vacuum Sealing Process

Lava’s Dry Aging Bags and Rolls can be effortlessly vacuum-sealed using your Lava vacuum sealing device or any other brand’s equipment. A detailed instruction manual is included with every purchase or can be downloaded from our website.

Vac-Aid Strips Included

for External Vacuum Sealers

All Aging Bags come with Vac-Aid strips to facilitate vacuum sealing with external vacuum sealers.

A-Vac Dry-Aging Vacuum Seal Bags LAVA Australia

LAVA delivers permeable Dry-Aging-rolls in excellent quality.

DIY super tender Dry-Aged Beef with LAVA Dry-Aging-Vacuum-Sealer-Bags. You can do the traditional way of aging beef now yourself. Get the highest possible grade out of your steak and experience the extraordinary taste. Waiting for the result is worth it!

Due to the special Lava diaphragm vacuum bag, which is permeable to water, vapour and flavours will be concentrated through the dry-aging process in the bag. In the LAVA (A-Vac) Dry-Aging bag, a complex biochemical process takes place. This causes a taste sensation that’s the best you have tasted so far. The first bite will seem as if you were eating the first steak of your life. All fine muscle fibre will be very tender.

A detailed instruction manual is included, as well as the “Vacuum-Strips” for external Vacuum-Sealers, to guarantee a fast and good vacuum!

Perfect for vacuuming with all LAVA vacuum sealers. Just reduce the sealing time (Approximately level 1-2) of your LAVA vacuum sealing machine for these very thin foils.

Please NOTE:


Especially cheap vacuum packers and machines without adjustable sealing time are often not able to handle these very thin foils!

Need a Custom Size? Special Pricing Available for Bulk Orders

Lava can produce bags in custom sizes to meet your unique requirements. Additionally, bulk purchasers of 50 bags or more are eligible for special pricing.

Contact us at to inquire.