2 x (30cm x 6m) – Best Quality Channelled Vacuum Sealer Rolls


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Quality Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls. Buy Australia’s Best. 2 x E-Vac (30cm x 6m). (Swiss Made: 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 33.5/ 45/ 60cm).



Best Quality Channelled Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Best Quality Channelled Vacuum Sealer Rolls. 2 x E-Vac (30cm x 6m). (Swiss Made: 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 33.5/ 45/ 60cm).

The Best Channeled Vacuum Seal Rolls for food and products. Perfect for LAVA Vacuum Sealing Machines and guaranteed for all the Vacuum Packers in the market, too.

LAVA uses a premium quality multi-layer structured foil with different layer characteristics. (From 335mm width with honeycomb structure). No other foil is stronger, welds better, sucks quicker and liquids are drawn slower.

Compare NOW; it’s worth it!


About LAVA E-Vac Best Quality Channelled Vacuum Sealer Rolls

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Premium Foil Quality
  • Patented PA/PE multilayer foils
  • A very fine structure on one side of the foil
  • Air is sucked very quick out
  • Liquids are drawn very slowly upwards
  • Super Strong and tear-resistant
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Free of any softeners
  • Airtight
  • Suitable for storage in cooling and freezing for several years
  • Food-Safe, tasteless and odourless
  • Dishwasher-safe and therefore reusable
  • Microwave and boiling up to +95 C
  • Perfect suitable also for the Sous-Vide Low-temperature Cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe and therefore reusable many times!

Do you need a particular size? No problem, we’ll produce from 1.000 units any size of E-Vac vacuum sealer rolls you want!

29 reviews for 2 x (30cm x 6m) – Best Quality Channelled Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Based on 29 reviews
  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Works as expected

  2. Jason Black (verified owner)


  3. Matthias B. (verified owner)

    both thumbs up

  4. Ross G. (verified owner)

    LAVA offers much better foils than any other supplier

  5. Simon (verified owner)

    Works as expected 🙂

  6. Jacob B. (verified owner)

    I will purchase more

  7. Haide (verified owner)

    Good price, very good quality and a great range of vacuum sealer bags and rolls

  8. Gennaro (verified owner)

    strong and durable

  9. Michael Conte (verified owner)

    good quality

  10. Jan (verified owner)

    After using several other brand vacuum sealer rolls over the last view years LAVA has to take its place at the top of my List.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely value for money

  12. Royce (verified owner)

    Great rolls and perfect size! No other supplier has such a variety!

  13. Kate H. (verified owner)

    Seems like good quality

  14. Joerg M. (verified owner)

    Feels different from other manufacturer rolls I had before. so happy with this purchase and I would buy it again.

  15. Monica K. (verified owner)

    Five stars!

  16. Nicole T. (verified owner)

    These rolls work perfectly and stay absolutely tight even in the freezer or in hot water.

  17. Ralph D. (verified owner)

    good quality products

  18. Bradley (verified owner)

    Easy to use amd tough

  19. Cameron (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  20. Patrcia (verified owner)


  21. Igor (verified owner)

    I would HIGHLY recommend these rolls!

  22. BRIAN (verified owner)

    What a great buy.

  23. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Great quality, nice and thick. Seals very well.

  24. Troy (verified owner)

    Seals spaghetti very well

  25. Ken F. (verified owner)

    Love the flexibilty of the roll over the bags. I can seal and freeze larger items.

  26. James Horsburgh (verified owner)

    High Quality bags and sealer stock.

  27. Troy (verified owner)

    You get what you pay for, these are great

  28. Greg Lewis (verified owner)

    Best every thank you.

  29. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    good material, easy to seal

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