B-Vac Black Food Vacuum Seal Rolls




LAVA B-Vac Black Food Vacuum Seal Rolls

Introducing B-Vac Black Food Vacuum Rolls (Black Textured)

Proudly made in Switzerland and an original by Lava!

These black textured/ribbed B-Vac vacuum rolls, with a thickness of approximately 120 µ, are the perfect match for your Lava vacuum sealer and other vacuum sealer brands, including chamber sealers.

  • Premium Quality Black Vacuum Sealer Rolls
    (100% BPA-free – 100% free from plasticizers)
  • Featuring a ribbed/textured design
  • Durable vacuum rolls with a structured black side and a transparent smooth side.
  • For an exceptionally appealing product presentation!
  • Thickness of B-Vac vacuum rolls: approximately 120 µ transparent
  • Made from PE/PA material
  • Ensuring the best for your food
  • Suitable for long-term storage in cooling and freezing
  • Food-safe, tasteless, and odourless
  • Microwave-safe
  • 100% free from plasticizers
  • 100% airtight
  • Provided roll dimensions are outer measurements

Lava Heavy Duty Vacuum Sealer Rolls: Clear/Black and Black/Black Channel Rolls

Our clear (front)/black (back) & black (front)/black (back) channel rolls are designed with durability in mind, boasting a thickness of 120 microns. They are not only heavy duty but also BPA-free and food safe, ensuring the utmost safety for your culinary delights.

Versatile Applications: Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking and Exceptional Product Presentation!

These black food vacuum sealer rolls are highly versatile, making them ideal for precise sous vide cooking or showcasing your products with style, delivering outstanding performance.

Channel Rolls: Micro Channels for Optimal Vacuum Sealing

Designed for home vacuum sealing machines, these rolls feature micro channels on one side and a smooth surface on the other, facilitating efficient air removal during the vacuum sealing cycle.

Lava always recommends using Lava vacuum packing rolls with your Lava vacuum sealer to ensure the best results.

Experience the reliability and versatility of Lava Heavy Duty Vacuum Sealer Rolls, available in clear/black and black/black channel options. Enjoy the convenience of vacuum sealing for your home cooking or elevate the presentation of your products with these top-quality rolls. These black food vacuum seal rolls are specifically designed for your vacuum sealer, ensuring a long shelf life for your products.