E-Vac 12m Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls (Swiss Made)


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LAVA E-Vac Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls

The Best Channeled Vacuum Seal Rolls for food and products. Perfect for a LAVA Vacuum Sealer and guaranteed for all the Vacuum Packaging machines in the market, too.

LAVA uses a premium quality multi-layer structured foil with different layer characteristics. (From 335mm width with honeycomb structure). No other foil is stronger, welds better, sucks quicker, and liquids are drawn slower.

Compare NOW; it’s worth it!

About LAVA E-Vac Channel Vacuum Seal Rolls

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Premium Foil Quality
  • Patented PA/PE multilayer foils
  • A very fine structure on one side of the foil
  • Air is sucked very quick out
  • Liquids are drawn very slowly upwards
  • Super Strong and tear-resistant
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Free of any softeners
  • Airtight
  • Suitable for storage in cooling and freezing for several years
  • Food-Safe, tasteless and odourless
  • Dishwasher-safe and therefore reusable
  • Microwave and boiling up to +95 C
  • Perfect suitable also for the Sous-Vide Low-temperature Cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe and therefore reusable many times!


Do you need a particular size? No problem, we’ll produce from 1.000 units any size of E-Vac channel vacuum seal rolls you want!

E-Vac 12m Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls (Swiss Made) LAVA Australia

The Super Protection

For Food & Beyond

Vacuum films serve a purpose not limited to the food sector; they also find their place in trade and industry, where direct contact with diverse products underscores the paramount importance of quality. Lava E-Vac vacuum rolls proudly claim to be 100% free from plasticizers and BPA. Moreover, these vacuum films are entirely devoid of microplastics, ensuring they are both food-safe and devoid of taste and odor. Additionally, the flexible nature of the vacuum rolls allows you to effortlessly customize bag sizes to suit your needs.

Durable Films

for Enhanced Longevity

The Lava E-Vac vacuum rollers feature an exceptionally fine structure that results in a slower absorption of liquids, such as meat juice, during the vacuuming process. This meticulous design ensures that weld seams remain clean and can be seamlessly welded for a perfect seal. Moreover, the high-quality material used in Lava vacuum films exhibits outstanding strength, tear-resistance, and airtight sealing properties.

E-Vac 12m Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls (Swiss Made) LAVA Australia
E-Vac 12m Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls (Swiss Made) LAVA Australia

Ready for Poolside Adventures

Ideal for Sous Vide

E-Vac vacuum rolls are versatile and compatible with microwaves and cooking bags up to 95 °C, making them an excellent choice for sous vide cooking. 

E-Vac 12m Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls (Swiss Made) LAVA Australia