LAVA V.100 | Food Saver Very Reliable | 35cm Single Seal | -0.8bar | 20Ltr/min | 400W


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Explore our reliable Food Saver V.100 – Buy a Top Quality FoodSaver Made in Germany just once! LAVA Australia – 12 Professional Vacuum Sealers.



LAVA V.100 | Australia's Reliable Food Saver Vac Sealer

  • Buy a high-quality Food Saver Vacuum Sealer just once
  • The largest variety of Quality Cryovac Machines & Vacuum Seal Bags in Australia

Durable & Powerful Option

  • The LAVA Food Saver vacuum sealer is a user-friendly and powerful option for sealing large volumes of meat or fish. With its ability to handle bulk and its lack of overheating, it is a durable and efficient choice that is worth investing in. You will be impressed by how quickly and easily you can get through the bagging process with this vacuum sealer, and it will save you from the hassle and expense of constantly replacing cheaper, less durable options.

LAVA V.100 | Food Saver Very Reliable | 35cm Single Seal | -0.8bar | 20Ltr/min | 400W LAVA Australia

LAVA V100 Food Saver Vacuum Sealer details:

  • Professional Food Saver Vac Sealer
  • Best Quality Made in Germany
  • Fan-cooled case to allow long-term use
  • Power Pmax: 400 watts
  • Strong 350mm Single-sealing-bar length. (For bags up to 350mm wide and any length)
  • Pump capacity: 20 litres/ minute
  • Maximum vacuum pressure: -0.8 bar (-800mbar)
  • Semi-automatic Starting the sealing process by pressing one button
  • Pressure information from a coloured bar
  • High-quality performance piston pump with ball-bearings
  • A removable big liquid receiver protects the pump from the liquid (essential!)
  • Each LAVA has a second liquid receiver near the bag locator Double protection!
  • Oversized sealing transformer, you will never overheat a LAVA FoodSaver
  • Up to 1000 sealings in a row
  • Switchable at any time to container mode
  • Adjustable sealing time, perfect for various foils (whether thin dry-aging-bags or a stable 200 microns foils)
LAVA V.100 | Food Saver Very Reliable | 35cm Single Seal | -0.8bar | 20Ltr/min | 400W LAVA Australia

Oz's No.1 Supplier of Professional Food Saver Vacuum Sealers

  • The last Food Saver Vacuum Packing Machine you’ll ever need
  • Our warehouse & our employees are based in Australia!
  • German Quality & Customer Service for Food Saver Vacuum Sealer
  • 2 years commercial warranty
  • Expert Customer Service

Additional information

Weight3.95 kg
Dimensions41 × 21 × 10 cm

14 reviews for LAVA V.100 | Food Saver Very Reliable | 35cm Single Seal | -0.8bar | 20Ltr/min | 400W

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  1. Cameron S. (verified owner)

    Very reliable machine for a reasonable price.

  2. Kenneth T. (verified owner)

    Lava’s entry-level model is so much better than my old machine. I am glad I bought this vacuum sealer.

  3. Taine D. (verified owner)

    The vacuum sealer works great.

  4. Gary G. (verified owner)

    Has the the most important function (adjustable sealing power) and the perfect size to cover all of my needs.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought this machine to replace a $350 vacuum sealer that broke within 18 months under normal operating conditions. The V.100 works much better.

  6. Carl W. (verified owner)

    This is a very good quality vacuum sealer for a fair price. It’s easy to use and all seals are until now just perfect. It can do 1000 seals in a row without overheating. I can do a batch very efficiently.

  7. Mia (verified owner)

    Compact, easy to use, works really well. Would recommend

  8. Cesar Perez (verified owner)


  9. Steve B. (verified owner)

    A very high quality machine, built to last and fully replaceable parts. Easy to use and even works with metal foil vacuum bags

  10. Peter Schade (verified owner)

    Have used the sealer a few times now on large cuts/bags. Does the job well. Simple to use.

  11. Denham Anderson (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  12. Emmanuel (verified owner)

    Fast functional and yet simple

  13. Troy (verified owner)

    This is a totally excellent machine, does a wonderful job

  14. axel r. (verified owner)

    The performance is worlds above any of the major store bought units ive used.

    Image #1 from axel r.

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