LAVA LiquidStop


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LAVA Liquid Stop – 1 roll 30cm x 12m



Make an end with leaking welded joints, unwanted air holes or undesired fluids in your device. Especially the one-time-only vacuum devices tend to let air pass through an absorb fewer liquids, which results in an unsatisfying result.


The LAVA LiquidStop is used as followed:

  1. Remove a 2cm stripe from the 30cm wide roll
  2. Place this stripe directly underneath the welding ledge
  3. Ensure that the entire Bag width is covered
  4. During the vacuum process liquids* get collected in the stripe
  5. The welding joint gets cleaned, and the bag stays sealed shut
  6. Sufficient for approximately 500 bags in width 30cm

*Despite LAVA LiquidStop, you can not vacuum excessive amounts of liquids. We advise using dedicated containers for that use.

16 reviews for LAVA LiquidStop

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  1. ian curran (verified owner)

    highly recommended to save your machine from liquids .

  2. Milla (verified owner)

    This works really well, I don’t have a problem of liquids escaping the bag.

  3. Boris (verified owner)

    Great to use for fish. it holds back all moisture

  4. Brenda (verified owner)

    Awsome product

  5. Jim F. (verified owner)

    Great liquid stop! Definitely worth the money.

  6. Prue R. (verified owner)

    Great to protect the vacuum sealer

  7. Christopher L. (verified owner)

    Traps liquid before it gets to the machine

  8. Sabine (verified owner)

    Exelent product

  9. Barry Lukritz (verified owner)

    Super Quality from Lava

  10. Phillip M. (verified owner)

    See above

  11. Andrew A. (verified owner)

    Very useful for sous vide – works as described

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)


  13. Rod (verified owner)

    This material works. Keeps my vacuum bags tight for weeks, even when vacuum packing items with high liquid content. This stuff is amazing

  14. Chris (verified owner)


  15. Julie (verified owner)

    Great for sopping up moisture to ensure a good seal for seafood and other wet items

  16. Narelle (verified owner)

    Quality is very good

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