LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer – Buy Australia’s Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W


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LAVA Australia – Best Design Vacuum Sealer – V.300 White – Quality Made in Germany



LAVA V.300 White | Buy Australia's Best Food Vacuum Sealer

You are interested in the LAVA V.300 White, because you need a dependable food vacuum sealer? Look no further because this vacuum sealer combines stunning design with unwavering reliability, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best of both worlds.

Before spending your money on subpar products, compare the key features, including Power (Wattage), Vacuum Pressure, and Ltr/Min. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the V.300 Premium White Edition.

LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia

The Ultimate Food Vacuum Sealer in Reliability and Style

Do you need a reliable food vacuum sealer?! You’ll love this Vacuum Sealer because it always keeps running.
The LAVA V.300 White Edition food saver uniquely combines design and reliability.

Compare the key features (Power (Wattage), Vacuum Pressure & Ltr/Min) before You spend money on through away stuff.

Explore here the Modern Design LAVA Vacuum Sealer V.300 White:

  • Here You Find the Best Food Vacuum Sealer. In other words, You can trust German Made Quality 
  • It combines modern design and reliability like no other cryovac vacuum sealer.
  • You no longer need to pack away your Vacuum Sealer when guests come!
LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia

Delicate Vacuuming with

Precision Pressure Control

Bid farewell to squished berries, fish, or bread. Thanks to our standard pressure regulation feature, you have the power to adjust the negative pressure on the V.300® White anywhere from -0.2 bar to the maximum pressure. Are you looking to vacuum seal moist foods? Our pressure regulation system is your ally in this endeavor as well. Additionally, our expert tips provide detailed guidance on vacuum sealing pressure-sensitive foods, ensuring your culinary creations are in safe hands.


Pressure Control

Achieve perfection in vacuum sealing with our precision pressure control feature. For delicate or sensitive items, simply set your desired negative pressure using the pressure regulation function, then monitor it meticulously through our accurate pressure gauge display. When your target vacuum level is reached, initiate the welding process manually for a job well done.

LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia

LAVA V.300 White Vacuum Sealer details:

  • Work with powerful (Pmax) 600 watts
  • The Fan-cooled case allows long-term use
  • A strong 340mm Double-sealing-bar length for bags up to 34cm in width and any length.
  • For vacuum seal bags & rolls up to 34cm wide
  • LTP (LAVA Turbo Pump). Pump capacity: 35 litres/ minute
  • Super powerful suction pump: up to -0.96 bar (-960mbar)
  • Either fully automatic or manual vac packing
  • Fully automatic vacuum sealing process. Operated by LAVA sensor control
  • LCS: (LAVA Closing System). Pressing the lid for just a short moment. An awesome idea to work faster.
  • The patented 2-step filter system protects the pump 100% from particles such as e.g. powder or metal grains
  • Stainless-Steel cylinder cover for a long-lasting vacuum power the whole time
  • Vacuum pressure control L+. Vacuum sealing of pressure-sensitive foods.
    Reduce the vacuum pressure down to a mild vacuum of approximately -0.3 bar.
  • Read the vacuum pressure from a precise gauge
  • The perfect combination of sub-pressure setting: L+ regulation and pressure gauge
  • Automatic ventilation of the vacuum chamber (easily lifting the lid) after sealing
  • The automatic cooling system of the sealing strip
  • High-quality performance piston pumps with double-ball-bearings
  • A removable big liquid receiver protects the pump from the liquid (essential!)
  • Each LAVA has a second liquid receiver near the bag locator Double protection!
  • Oversized sealing transformer, you will never overheat LAVA vacuum sealers
  • The V.300 is our best food vacuum sealer under $1000
  • Up to 1000 sealings in a row
  • Switchable at any time to container mode
  • 2 years commercial warranty
  • Adjustable sealing time, perfect for various foils (whether thin dry-aging-bags or stable 200 microns foils)
LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia

Vacuum Sealing for

Containers, Jars & BOWLS

The V.300® White offers flexibility beyond vacuum-sealing foil bags and rolls up to 200 µ, thanks to its infinitely adjustable sealing time. Transitioning to container mode is as simple as pressing a button, allowing you to vacuum seal not only with lava vacuum containers made of glass, plastic, and stainless steel but also with jars, cans, and pots, expanding your preservation options.

Double the Assurance

Air-Tight Packaging

Sometimes, two is better than one. Especially when dealing with high-liquid-content products like meat, fish, or vacuum bag marinating, a single weld may not suffice. The Lava double weld seam (2x approx. 4 mm) offers a 100% increase in closure security compared to single-seam devices, effectively guarding against any potential leaks or drafts.

LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia

Difference between the V.300 White and the V.100/V.200's Food Vacuum Sealers?

The V.300 White food vacuum sealer offers a fully automated operation, automatically starting the vacuuming process and initiating sealing when the maximum vacuum level is reached.

Additionally, it includes a pressure gauge display, allowing precise indication of the vacuum level and providing optimal adjustment options for delicate products through the standard pressure regulation feature. In contrast to the V.100 and V.200 models, the V.300 opens its device lid (after sealing) fully automatically using a solenoid ventilation system.

Reasons for the LAVA V.300's popularity

The V.300’s popularity stems from its transparent operational visibility, aided by the pressure gauge display that can be precisely controlled through the standard L+ pressure regulation, which proves advantageous for pressure-sensitive products. Furthermore, the V.300 is known for its smooth operation and powerful pump performance.

The Premium and black & white models have a 2-fold ball-bearing pump. The full automation feature of the V.300 also saves users the step of pressing the sealing button.

LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia

Comparison between V.300 Premium and V.300 black & white

V.300 Premium:

2-fold sealing seam, 340 mm sealing band length, maximum vacuum level of -0.94 bar, Pmax 500 W, pressure gauge display, full automation, LCS (Lava Close System), and LTP (Lava Turbo Pump – 2-fold ball-bearing).

V.300 White & Black:

2-fold sealing seam, 340 mm sealing band length, maximum vacuum level of -0.96 bar, Pmax 600 W, pressure gauge display, full automation, LCS (Lava Close System), and LTP (Lava Turbo Pump – 2-fold ball-bearing), new 2-stage filtering system in the liquid separator + stainless steel cylinder cap in the pump piston, ensuring consistently high pumping performance.

In general: The Lava 2-fold sealing seam provides superior closure security, particularly suitable for products with slightly higher liquid content, such as fish or meat, outperforming single sealing seam options. The Lava LTP®, a newly developed vacuum pump with 2 ball bearings, operates exceptionally quietly, setting it apart from the noisy pumps frequently used by competitors.

The patented Lava Close System LCS® streamlines the vacuuming process by eliminating the need to press the device’s lid for an extended period until the vacuum is achieved, significantly simplifying the vacuuming process.

LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia



A vacuum device opens up a world of limitless diversity and advantages. Vacuum packaging naturally extends the shelf life of your food. Dry aging under vacuum enhances the aroma and tenderness of meat, while wet ripening further intensifies its flavor. With sous vide, you can consistently craft unique taste experiences reminiscent of a gourmet kitchen.

Can I regulate the vacuum level?

Certainly! Similar to all other Lava devices, the vacuum level is adjustable. The progress of the vacuum buildup is clearly visible through the standard pressure gauge display. Moreover, the pressure regulation feature, L+, comes as a standard feature in all V.300 models.

Comparison between LAVA V.300 and V.333 Black

The V.333 Black is a distinct model with an appealing black-metallic and chrome-coloured coated ABS plastic housing. In addition to its visual allure, the V.333 Black includes a third sealing bar and higher wattage. Despite these differences, the LAVA V.300 White and V.333 share technical similarities.

Long-term storage without preservatives

Suitable for meat, fish, cheese, salad, fruit, vegetables, herbs, soups, powder, and animal feed, coins, jewellery, and clothing.

Longer shelf life

8 times longer shelf life when storing food in the refrigerator.

Protection against loss of flavour

Protection against freezer burn and loss of aroma when storing food in the freezer for a long time.



Worried about declining pump performance or inferior technology? Put your concerns to rest with Lava. Our vacuum sealers are renowned for their exceptional robustness and durability. In the unlikely event of a defect, you can replace individual components for a minimum of 20 years after your device purchase. Plus, you have the convenience of easily changing worn parts yourself.

LAVA V.300 White | Food Vacuum Sealer - Buy Australia's Best | 34cm Double Sealing | -0.96bar | 35Ltr/min | 600W LAVA Australia

Australia's No.1 Supplier of Commercial Grade External Vacuum Packer

Additional information

Weight4.9 kg
Dimensions41 × 23 × 10 cm

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  1. Siggi (verified owner)

    I love working with my new vacuum machine. The machine looks to be very solid. It is value for the cost!

  2. Franz W. (verified owner)

    Great quality vacuum sealer.

  3. Nonopa Z. (verified owner)

    The vacuum sealer has a great finish, I love the color. It fits perfectly with my kitchen esthetic.

    Image #1 from Nonopa Z.
  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the v.300. It is strong, works well. I can highly recommend this great performing vacuum sealing machine to everyone!

  5. Bratt M. (verified owner)

    I will be sure to tell people I know about lava and show them my v300 white

  6. Gennaro (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to use, great looking unit

  7. olivia m. (verified owner)

    Initial impression is that this is a brilliant vacuum sealing machine. Very easy to use and to maintain.

  8. Tony M. (verified owner)

    Just came back from my 1.5 weeks fishing trip. Vacuumed heaps of fish and the v300 White worked excellent.

  9. Boris (verified owner)

    I like to work with my new vacuum sealer, much better than some cheap machines

  10. Peter (verified owner)

    Great customer service by Michael.

    The new machine arrived within a week, in time for its first job to pack 300kg of meat, which it did with ease and without needing a break once!

    Cant recommend it highly enough as it has already saved me hours of time not having to wait for my old standard brand vacuum machine to recover from overheating all the time. The double seal also meant not having to redo any bags due to a bad seal.

    Its about the same size as the old machine but feels very solid so Im sure it will ultimately save money and time over many years to come aswell.

  11. David (verified owner)

    After I received my v300 white, I started to vacuum seal every day. It’s so simple and intuitive. I am in love with and I can strongly recommend. My thanks is to those who created this quality device.

  12. Chez K. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this vacuum sealer

  13. Walter (verified owner)

    It is easy to operate and works better than my old vacuum sealer. It is a much sturdier machine. Great value at this price. I recommend this LAVA vacuum sealer.

  14. Royce (verified owner)

    I puchased this vacuum sealer for my son’s wedding. They were very delighted about this unusual gift.

  15. Donald K. (verified owner)

    What a splendid vacuum sealer!!!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I checked out other sealers as I was looking for great performance, high quality and nice style.
    Now I am extremely happy with my v300 in white colour.

  17. Monica K. (verified owner)

    It’s a very useful and easy to use appliance. First trial run went smoothly. It seems to be a very reliable machine and be worth additional cost involved.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am satisfied with the overall quality. Still have to work out how to vacuum seal bread without flattening it

  19. Luke D. (verified owner)


  20. Andrew (verified owner)

    A really solid machine. The one that works!

  21. LOUIE & ANTONELLA P. (verified owner)

    Highly recommend very good unit easy to use

  22. Diana A. (verified owner)

    LaVa the double sealing and the machine is a true workhorse. This gorgeous design will also look fabulous on the kitchen bench. I was even provided a set of good sized vacuum bags. I threw the old Luvelo out in the rubbish. In comparison it’s a useless machine.

  23. Tom Poland (verified owner)

    So glad I invested in La-Va. Such high quality German engineering I get to enjoy every time I use my La-Va machine. As the saying goes “no one ever regretted buying quality”. I sell premium vacuum sealed coffee beans and La-Va is the only vacuum sealing brand I trust with my products.

  24. Roy (verified owner)

    Very pleased with our purchase of V300 vacuum sealer. Operates as one would expect of a premium product. company was easy to deal with and readily answered any questions about the product prior to purchase. Product was delivered in a timely manner and well packaged. Would recommend the product and the company. the company seemed genuinely grateful for our business.

  25. Tash (verified owner)

    Very nice machine which is solid as a rock. In addition, you guys offer the best customer service. Half of the suppliers should take a leaf out of your book!

  26. Dale B. (verified owner)

    Fantastic machine!!

  27. Barry L. (verified owner)

    This vacuum sealer is pure quality. Worlds best.

  28. trisha e. (verified owner)

    I have used it once so I’m still getting used to it but so far i love the double seal and the speed and tightness in the vacuum. I haven’t used the other functions as yet.

  29. Paul O. (verified owner)

    Excellent product very happy

  30. Marianne (verified owner)

    Much better than our previous cheaper version

  31. Patrcia (verified owner)


  32. Richard (verified owner)

    Great quality, good price and works well

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely would recommend the V.300 White for anyone looking to purchase a good quality vacuum sealer.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    After using several other brands over the last ten years this one has to take its place at the top of my list. All good does the job well have used it several times no problems.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The high quality cryovac machine is outstanding

  36. Paula S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic vacuum sealer. Great value for money.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So easy to use

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