LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice – Discounted!


LAVA Commercial Vacuum Packing Machine V400. VacPack 2 Vacuum Pack Bags at Once!



Brand New Vacuum Packer: Perfect Condition

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packer – Special Offer on Second Choice Item! This high-quality vacuum sealer, designed for optimal food packaging, is available at a reduced price due to damaged packaging. Rest assured, the box’s condition has no impact on the vacuum sealer’s performance or design. Although the original protection foil is missing, the LAVA V400 itself remains in pristine, perfect condition, ensuring full functionality and reliability for all your vacuum packing needs. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own a top-tier vacuum packing machine at a fraction of the cost!

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine

The LAVA V400 vacuum packing machine is designed for professional use in industries such as butchery, restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, pubs, and catering firms.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia

Wann find the Best Vacuum Packaging Machine in Australia?!

If you’re looking to get the best vacuum packing machine in Australia, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure you find a model that suits your specific needs. Here’s a brief guide to help you in your search:

Understand Your Requirements:

Determine the volume and frequency of packing you need. For heavy-duty, commercial use, you’ll need a robust machine, whereas for occasional, lighter use, a simpler model might suffice.

Research Brands and Models:

Look for brands that have a good reputation for quality and durability. Models like the LAVA V400 are designed for professional use in industries such as butchery, restaurants, hotels, etc., and might be a good fit depending on your needs.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia

CONTROL the Vacuum

Pressure Adjustment

Bid farewell to damaged cookies, flattened fish, or misshapen soft materials. With the integrated pressure regulator, you can precisely adjust the vacuum pressure to your preference, varying from -0.3 bar to the maximum level on our V400 Vacuum Packing Machine. This feature is particularly useful for vacuum-sealing items with moisture or liquids. Moreover, delve into our expert advice for sealing delicate, pressure-sensitive foods to gain comprehensive insights.


Pressure Monitoring

Manage the negative pressure according to your needs. When handling pressure-sensitive products, effortlessly set your desired vacuum pressure with our pressure regulation feature, and then accurately monitor it using the precision pressure gauge display. As soon as you achieve the desired vacuum pressure, you can manually start the sealing process – it’s that straightforward.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia

Buy a reliable Vacuum Packing Machine that last for very long time

Check for Versatility and Features:

Consider machines that offer versatility in terms of the size and types of vacuum seal bags they can seal, as well as additional features like adjustable vacuum pressure, which can be important for delicate items.

Read Reviews and Testimonials:

Look for customer reviews and testimonials, which can provide real-world insights into how a vacuum packing machine performs under daily use.

Compare Prices and Warranty:

Compare prices from different retailers and check the warranty terms. A longer warranty can be an indicator of a manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia


Containers, Jars, & Pots

The LAVA V400 stands as your all-in-one vacuum sealing solution. Featuring an infinitely adjustable sealing time, it enables you to effectively vacuum-seal foil bags and rolls up to 200µ (industrial thickness) and accommodate widths of up to 46 cm. Switching the device to container mode is a simple press of a button away. Alongside our range of lava vacuum containers made from glass, plastic, and stainless steel, it also allows for the effortless vacuum preservation of jars, cans, and pots.

Triple Foil Layer

Security First

The LAVA V400 delivers outstanding security for vacuum packing bags with its triple weld seam. This design guarantees an exceptionally robust and secure seal, crucial for products with high liquid content such as meat and fish, or during the vacuum bag marination process, where a single or double weld may not suffice for the necessary safety.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia

About this Commercial-Grade Vacuum Packing Machine

  • Consecutive Sealing Capability: Each Lava vacuum packing machine can perform up to 1,000 consecutive sealings with ease, thanks to their design for continuous operation and oversized welding transformers that prevent overheating.
  • Versatility in Sealing: These machines are ideal for vacuum-sealing a range of items, from food to industrial components. Choose between automatic or manual modes with a simple toggle switch.
  • Extra-Large Sealing Capacity: Features an XL 46cm wide vacuum packing capacity, suitable for bags up to 460mm wide.
  • Enhanced Durability: Includes a fan-cooled case for prolonged use and a high-quality stainless steel housing.
  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a strong 460mm triple-sealing-bar, LAVA Turbo Pump (LTP) with a capacity of 35 litres/minute, and a maximum vacuum pressure of -0.94 bar (-940mbar).
  • Advanced Automation: Offers a fully automatic vacuum packing process, operated by LAVA sensor control, and automatic ventilation of the vacuum chamber post-sealing.
  • Innovative Features: LCS+ (LAVA Closing System) for faster operation without needing to press the lid during vacuuming, and a precise pressure gauge for pressure information.
  • Pressure Control and Dual Protection: Includes Vacuum pressure control L+ for sealing pressure-sensitive foods, reducing vacuum pressure down to approximately -0.2bar, and dual liquid receivers to protect the pump.
  • Efficiency and Maintenance: Capable of vacuuming two bags simultaneously, with an automatic cooling system for the sealing strip and easy maintenance, allowing for quick replacement of components like seals or sealing bands without needing servicing.
  • Customizable Sealing Options: Switchable to container mode at any time, with adjustable sealing time to accommodate various foil thicknesses, from thin chip foils to stable 200-micron foils.
LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia

Consider Local Support and Servicing:

Ideally, choose a vacuum packer machine for which you can easily get local support and servicing in Australia, to ensure any issues can be promptly addressed.

Compliance with Australian Standards:

Ensure that the vacuum packer machine complies with Australian standards for safety and operation.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia


Variety of Advantages

A vacuum packer machine’s versatile applications provide numerous benefits. Vacuum packaging effectively prolongs the shelf life of your foods. Meat develops an extraordinary aroma and tenderness when dry-aged under vacuum, and its flavor is further enhanced through wet aging. Utilizing sous vide cooking techniques allows you to consistently create distinct taste experiences, comparable to those in a high-end gourmet kitchen.

No compromises

Real Quality

Concerned about diminishing pump performance or inferior technology? With Lava, those worries are a thing of the past. Our vacuum devices are exceptionally durable and constructed for longevity. In the unlikely case of a malfunction, you have the ability to replace individual components for at least 20 years from the purchase date. Additionally, the design allows you to easily swap out wearing parts on your own, guaranteeing sustained performance and reliability without any compromises.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia

What the difference between the V300 models and the V400?

The LAVA V400 vacuum packing machine presents numerous enhancements over the V300 model. It boasts a sturdy stainless steel housing and a notably heavier build for improved stability. Its performance is more powerful, and it includes 3 sealing seams, positioning it as a heavy-duty choice. The LAVA V400 achieves a marginally higher vacuum level and also features an extended 46 cm sealing band length, offering greater versatility in sealing larger items.

What the difference between the V350 models and the V400?

The only technical difference between the V350 and the V400 is the size variation, with the V350 featuring a 36cm wide sealing seam and the V400 boasting a larger 46cm wide sealing seam. Apart from this size difference, both models are technically similar.

LAVA V400 Vacuum Packing Machine | 2nd Choice - Discounted! LAVA Australia

The Ultimate Commercial-Grade External Vacuum Packing Machine

  • Located in Australia: Our warehouse and dedicated team of employees are based right here in Australia.
  • German Quality Assurance: Experience the reliability and excellence of German engineering.
  • Extended Commercial Warranty: Benefit from a comprehensive 2-year commercial warranty.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Our expert customer service team is always ready to assist you.

Additional information

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Dimensions57 × 28 × 12 cm