2 x (30cm x 6m) – Strongest Structured Vacuum Seal Rolls


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Strongest Vacuum Seal Rolls. Channelled. 2 x ES-Vac (30cm x 6m). Made in Switzerland (15/ 20/ 25/ 30cm).



Strongest Structured Vacuum Seal Rolls

Strongest Vacuum Seal Rolls. Channelled. 2 x ES-Vac (30cm x 6m). Made in Switzerland (15/ 20/ 25/ 30cm).

Super-Strong Vacuum Seal Rolls for Commercial & Industrial use for products with sharp edges. Perfect for all LAVA Vacuum Sealers.

NOTE: Not all vacuum sealing machines can seal 160-micron foils!

LAVA use a patented premium quality multi-layer foil with different layer characteristics. No other foil welds better, sucks quicker, and liquids are drawn slower. We are the only supplier who does t press the structure into the foils! Compare NOW; it’s worth it!


About Strongest Structured Vacuum Seal Rolls

  • Extremely strong and resistant with 160 microns thickness
  • Perfect for food with sharp bones or other sharp parts
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Premium Foil Quality
  • Patented multilayer foils PA/PE
  • The very fine structure on one side of the foil
  • Air is sucked very quick out
  • Liquids are drawn very slowly upwards
  • Super Strong and tear-resistant
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Free of any softeners
  • Airtight
  • Suitable for storage in cooling and freezing for several years
  • Food-Safe, tasteless and odourless
  • Microwave and boiling up to +95 C
  • Perfect suitable also for the Sous-Vide Low-temperature Cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe and therefore reusable many times!

Do you need a particular size? No problem, we’ll produce from 2.000 units any size of ES-Vac vacuum seal rolls you want!

27 reviews for 2 x (30cm x 6m) – Strongest Structured Vacuum Seal Rolls

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  1. Brad Roe (verified owner)

    Tough rolls for those whole fish

  2. Jason Black (verified owner)


  3. Matthias B. (verified owner)

    both thumbs up

  4. Bob W. (verified owner)

    100% satisfied!

  5. Nonopa Z. (verified owner)

    Very durable. I put them in the freezer and also to hold liquid and didn’t find any problems with them.

  6. Milla (verified owner)

    These bag are a great value for money. You can tell from the texture that they are good quality. There’s never any air extraction when I use them even in the freezer.

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my new rolls.

  8. Jacob B. (verified owner)

    I will purchase more

  9. Kenneth T. (verified owner)

    It works

  10. Tiffy (verified owner)

    I think I’m happy with these rolls so I can keep buying them from you.

  11. Alex B. (verified owner)

    I made the best choice

  12. Bryson W. (verified owner)

    Probably the strongest rolls on the market

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I will never buy any other rolls in future

  14. Ben H. (verified owner)

    The only vacuum sealer rolls I know which really keep tight in long term.

  15. Manuel P. (verified owner)

    These are the strongest rolls I used so far. It’s easy to use them with my Lava V.350 Premium.

  16. Boris (verified owner)

    I like to work with these rolls, much better than some cheaper once

  17. Jan (verified owner)

    After using several other brand vacuum sealer rolls over the last view years LAVA has to take its place at the top of my List.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely value for money

  19. Brenda (verified owner)

    Awsome product

  20. Holger (verified owner)

    So far very impressed with the vacuum rolls

  21. Nicole T. (verified owner)

    These strong vacuum seal rolls work perfectly and stay absolutely tight even in the freezer or in hot water.

  22. Wali-ud-Din (verified owner)

    Strong tough bags. Good choice for storing tool/metal items in workshop.

  23. Glenn (verified owner)

    Very strong vac pack rolls

  24. Andrew (verified owner)

    Very strong and easy to use

  25. Gavin (verified owner)

    I can’t imagine better vacuum packing rolls than these

  26. Graham (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  27. Sam (verified owner)

    Great machines great postage

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