V.200 Premium – Double Sealing 34cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 500W

LAVA Professional Vacuum Sealer V.200 Premium

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  • Professional Vacuum Packing Machine
  • Power Pmax: 500 watts
  • Strong 340mm Double-sealing-bar length. (For bags up to 340mm wide and any length)
  • LTP (LAVA Turbo Pump). Pump capacity: 35 litres/ minute
  • Maximum vacuum pressure: -0.94 bar (-940mbar)
  • Semi-automatic vacuuming and welding process. Operated by LAVA sensor control
  • LCS: (LAVA Closing System). A great idea to work faster. You don t have to push the lid during vacuuming.
  • Pressure information from an optical bar graph (LED’s) of the negative pressure
  • Automatic ventilation of the vacuum chamber (easily lifting the lid) after sealing
  • The automatic cooling system of sealing strip
  • High-quality performance piston pumps with double-ball-bearings
  • Removable big liquid receiver protects the pump from the liquid (essential!)
  • Each LAVA has a second liquid receiver near the bag locator Double protection!
  • Oversized sealing transformer, you will never overheat LAVA vacuum packing machine
  • Up to 1000 sealings in a row
  • Switchable at any time to container mode
  • Adjustable sealing time, perfect for various foils (whether thin dry-aging-bags or a stable 200 microns foils)
  • Expert Customer Service

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 410 × 230 × 98 cm

4 reviews for V.200 Premium – Double Sealing 34cm | -0.94bar | 35Ltr/min | 500W

  1. John V. (verified owner)

    Have had another vacuum sealer which broke down and after a bit of research I thought I would give Lava a try. I just wish I had done it sooner. This is a great cryovak machine. It’s first time I bagged a 50kg bulk order of beef from my butcher. I didn’t have to stop even once. Compare to my old vacuum sealer… OMG – I am absolutely happy with my purchase!

  2. Mark Le Pla (verified owner)

    Very simple and effective unit – Love it

  3. Jan (verified owner)

    Very good quality vacuum sealer and it is a machine well worth owning.

  4. Jim F. (verified owner)

    Great vacuum sealer! Definitely worth the money. The machine is quite robust and brings down a pretty good vacuum. Gotta say I’m very happy with it.

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