Z-Vac 50 x Vacuum Zipper Bags 20x30cm (ZipLock)


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Z-Vac ZipLock. Real tight Vacuum Seal Zipper Bags. Perfect for Sous-Vide. Swiss Made. Buy 12 Vacuum Sealers & Over 50 Vacuum Seal Bags Now.



Z-Vac Vacuum Seal Zipper Bags 20 x 30cm (ZipLock)

How to use the LAVA Vacuum Zipper Bags (ZipLok):

  • 1.Fill the bag
  • 2.Vacuum with any vacuum sealer, e.g. LAVA V.300 White
  • 3.Rip the Zip to open
  • 4.Take out your product
  • 5.Re-Close (Zipper pressure lock)

More information about LAVA Vacuum Zipper Bags (ZipLock):

  • Freshness-Zip (ZipLock) Easily open and close the bag with the integrated Zipper.
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Premium Foil Quality
  • Patented multilayer foils PA/PE
  • Very fine structure on one side of the bags
  • Air is sucked very quick out
  • Liquids are drawn very slowly upwards
  • Super Strong and tear-resistant
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Free of any softeners
  • Real Airtight
  • Suitable for storage in cooling and freezing for several years
  • Food-Safe, tasteless and odourless
  • Microwave and boiling up to +95 C
  • Perfect suitable also for the Sous-Vide Low-temperature Cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe and therefore reusable many times!

Do you need a particular size? No problem, we’ll produce from 50.000 units any size of Z-Vac Vacuum Zipper Bags you want!

14 reviews for Z-Vac 50 x Vacuum Zipper Bags 20x30cm (ZipLock)

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  1. Franz W. (verified owner)

    The only Zipper Bags which keep really tight!

  2. Milla (verified owner)

    Zipper bags work well.

  3. Kenneth T. (verified owner)

    It works

  4. Ben H. (verified owner)

    The only zipper vacuum sealer bags I know which really keep tight in long term.

  5. Boris (verified owner)

    highly recommended

  6. Keith (verified owner)

    The only zipper bags which really holds tight

  7. Florian H. (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I highly recommend it!

  8. Joerg M. (verified owner)

    Fabulous product. I hope they will come in more sizes soon.

  9. Oli H. (verified owner)

    perfect zipper bags without those annoying leaking valves

  10. Luke D. (verified owner)

    Top zipper bags. absolute tight

  11. Glenn (verified owner)

    Very handy bags

  12. Ken F. (verified owner)

    Love these bags. They are strong and I do resuse with smaller items after cutting off the zip.

  13. Marijke P. (verified owner)

    You are so fast and efficient with orders and love the quality of your products

  14. Robert (verified owner)

    Superior product!

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