The Food Secret of Supermarket Chains

Bulk Order Vacuum Sealing

Supermarkets want their customers to shop as often as possible. Because the more frequently a customer visits, the more they buy. However, this equation only works in favor of the major corporations. Private households can save not only money but also time through proper food storage. Time that can be much better spent than wandering between supermarket aisles.

It’s the big secret of the major supermarkets – don’t expect them to reveal it to you.

Simple Technique that Saves Money

Vacuum sealing is a simple technique that can save hundreds of euros annually for households. However, it is bad for the business of large supermarket discounters like “Coles, Woolworth, IGA, Costco and Co.” They rely on customers buying small quantities as often as possible at the market-average prices. And who doesn’t know this: Once you’re shopping, you usually end up buying even more. A good deal, your own appetite, or just convincing advertising tempt you to buy more than you actually wanted or needed.

With a vacuum sealer, perishable foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, meat, or poultry can be portioned and preserved for longer. This allows you to buy in large quantities at lower prices and store them sensibly in the refrigerator or freezer. Pre-prepared and cooked meals can also be stored easily, cleanly, and for extended periods in vacuum bags.

The Food Secret of Supermarket Chains LAVA Australia
The Food Secret of Supermarket Chains LAVA Australia

Average Household Spends $1000 on Food

The average Australian household spends around $1000 per month on food. Using a vacuum sealer like Lava can save you 20 percent or more on food costs. With good deals, you can buy large quantities and store them at home for consumption in the coming weeks since the food stays fresh up to five times longer. Vegetables, dairy products, dry goods like pasta or rice, meat, and fish – especially for high-quality products, vacuum packaging has proven effective. This not only reduces waste and saves money but also improves the quality of the products, for example, by enhancing meat aging.

“When you get a good piece of meat for a good price, you can stock up kilos of it with a vacuum sealer. Red meat, in particular, is well-suited for vacuum sealing because it contains the so-called good bacteria for further ripening,” explains Christian Landig, Managing Director of Lava Germany.

Extending Shelf Life Easily Refrigerator Storage

At a refrigerator temperature of 2-4°C, the shelf life of vacuum-sealed meat extends from 5 days to 4-6 weeks. When frozen, it becomes even more durable. This applies not only to red meat but also to frozen poultry or fish. With special aging bags, you can easily enhance red meat right in your own home. The aging process is thus controlled and professionally carried out in your own refrigerator.

The technique of the vacuum sealer is straightforward. It removes the air from the packaging, preventing the oxidation effect that causes food to spoil. Moreover, contact with air promotes the growth of most microorganisms and leads to the infamous freezer burn when it comes to frozen food. Vacuum sealing preserves food 100% free from additives, completely natural. The special vacuum seal bags from Lava are also reusable multiple times and dishwasher-safe, ensuring everything remains clean and fresh.

The Food Secret of Supermarket Chains LAVA Australia

Vacuum Sealing as Natural Protection

Vacuum sealing can be described as a perfect, natural protection for food storage. In its production, the family-owned company Landig at Lava focuses on longevity instead of a throwaway culture. This saves money and protects the environment.

Supermarkets want people to shop 2-3 times a week. They don’t want customers to take advantage of good offers at the butcher’s and buy in large quantities. The advantages of vacuum sealing contradict the principle that supermarkets follow. They would prefer people to shop every day instead of as needed. Buying in larger quantities and dividing them into smaller portions significantly reduces food costs. This may mean slightly less profit for the supermarket giants, but it also eases the burden on the small consumer wallet and our environment.

The Food Secret of Supermarket Chains LAVA Australia

“Buy in bulk and store in small portions” – that could be the formula for vacuum sealing. Applied to your own grocery shopping, it undoubtedly saves money and important time that would otherwise be spent in the supermarket.

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