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Ordering our vacuum sealer bags in bulk allows you to stay stocked up, and the more you buy the bigger the discount. Because LAVA’s vacuum sealers are made to a professional standard, they can be used in commercial spaces, and buying bags in bulk ensures you have enough for even the busiest kitchens. That’s why we offer great discounts for bulk buys and make it so easy to order the number of bags that you need.

Buy vacuum seal bags in bulk and keep food fresh

When you stock up your fridge, you want things to stay fresh for as long as possible. After all, throwing away food is a waste of money and bad for the environment. Using vacuum seal bags is an easy way to ensure food lasts for longer. When you buy vacuum seal bags in bulk for the LAVA system, it’s easy to store your food, whether it’s the weekly shop or a big bulk buy from your wholesaler.

Vacuum Sealer Bags Discount Deals:

LAVA’s awesomeΒ  Vacuum Sealer Bags Bulk Boxes. Made in Switzerland. Best Quality Channel Bags for external Vacuum Sealing Machines. Deals include GST, Packaging & Shipping.

Pre-prep your meals for the week or beyond

Our bulk vacuum seal bags are also ideal for people who love to batch cook. Batch cooking is ideal for people who are short on time yet want to ensure they eat healthy meals. You can prepare dishes, portion them up into these bags, and then simply seal them up and store them in your freezer. These bags can be boiled or put in the microwave, or you can simply remove your food for reheating in the oven. Buying in bulk ensures you have enough bags to make meals for weeks, with enough to feed all the family.Β 

Prepping meals is also useful in restaurants and hospitality environments. It makes busy food services times so much easier and means you can easily keep an eye on inventory and what needs to be ordered.
If you own one of our vacuum sealing machines, consider ordering your vacuum dealing bags in bulk so that you don’t find yourself running out. These high-quality bags have several uses, and when you buy in bulk, you save money and time. You’ll find details of bulk prices on this page, but if you’d like a quote for higher quantities or want to place an order, you can call us on 1300 77 88 29 or e-mail

Get Great Quantity Discounts on our Top Sellers!

2 and more: 5%

5 and more: 10%

10 and more: 15%

Bulk Order Discount Deals:
up to 30%Β  OFF

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