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Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia

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Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia

swiss made Vac Pack Rolls

Wanna buy the best Food Vacuum Seal Rolls?!

Use LAVA Vacuum Sealer Rolls, which allows you to pre-prepare food as well as store leftovers without losing any of its freshness. With our food safe cryovac rolls you can cut bags to exact sizes to get more uses out of each roll and longer life out of your food. Designed and made in Germany, Lava Vacuum Packaging is Australia’s number 1 supplier of vacuum products, including the best vacuum sealer rolls in the country.

Vacuum food sealer refill rolls for fresher frozen food

Using only the best vacuum seal rolls means you can keep your food fresh even after long stretches in the freezer. Some of the benefits of using vacuum sealer rolls are, that you can save:

  • time on food preparation: Seal portions of meals and freeze them, then when you need them they can just be thrown in the oven.
  • money by buying in bulk: Meats and fish can be significantly cheaper when bought in larger quantities, so buy and freeze, ready for a later date.
  • on food waste: Wrap and freeze leftovers to keep them fresh, and ready to heat up when you need them.
  • Moreover, No freezer burn: Vacuum sealing with LAVA’s vacuum food sealer refill rolls prevents the formation of ice crystals that cause freezer burn, keeping your food fresh and moist for long periods.

LAVA Vacuum Packaging is widely regarded as the best vacuum sealer roll supplier in Australia with strong and durable bags that are designed to last.

Flexibility for exact sizing

Cryovac rolls are an excellent way of storing food, but what if you make meals for the family on one day, and meals for one person on another? Rather than buying multiple sizes of vacuum bags, you can use food vacuum bag rolls so you always have the right size on-hand. Simply cut the desired length of foil from the roll and weld one side, then fill it up, vacuum it closed and seal it.

Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia
Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia

All of our cryovac packaging foils are manufactured in Switzerland and meet the strictest guidelines. The structure embossed on one side of the film allows any vacuum sealer (no matter which brand) to vacuum quickly. In addition, thanks to the particularly fine structure, liquid components on the goods are not so quickly sucked up toward the bag opening.


LAVA vacuum foils are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland under the strictest guidelines.

-> TRUST the original.

Your vacuum seal bag rolls will have the closest contact with your food!

Many manufacturers advertise that their bags are BPA-free. Nearly every company does that now. However, what is up with softeners and other dangerous ingredients? We guarantee that our bags are free of any plasticiser and also free of polyethylene glycol, talc, silica, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan, E1521, E553b, E551, E432, among others.

Our R-Vac, E-Vac, RS-Vac and ES-Vac foils comply with the following guidelines:

• EU Framework Regulation 1935/2004 / EC
• Swiss Food and Utility Regulation (LGV) 817.02• the Food, Feedstuff and Commodities Code (LFGB) §§30 and §§31
• Consumer Goods Ordinance of 10.04.1992 and subsequent amendments
• Regulation (EU) 10/2011 including the following changes and corrections 1282/2011, 1183/2012 and 202/2014
• Swiss regulation of the EDI on commodities 817.023.21


Before you buy any other vacuum bag, please ask yourself the following questions:

-> Do other vacuum sealer bag suppliers also meet the above mentioned high standards?

-> Where does your supplier produce the foils? Asian foils can contain dangerous ingredients!

-> If you are not sure, don’t risk your health and TRUST the original!

The LAVA E-Vac and R-Vac Food Vacuum Bags Rolls are absolutely airtight, fit for both freezer and refrigerator, food-safe, tasteless and odourless, microwave and cooking-bag suitable and dishwasher ready; therefore, you can reuse them at any time.

Our bags retain their properties in cold and heat and do not pass any ingredients to the food even under extreme temperature fluctuations.


-> LAVA food saver rolls are food-safe, tasteless & odourless!

-> They are suitable for storage in cooling and freezing environments for at least 2 years

-> The microwave and boiling bags are suited for temperatures up to 95° C

-> All our cryovac bags suit perfectly for Sous-Vide Low-Temperature Cooking.

Vacuum seal bags rolls from LAVA are reusable and dishwasher-safe and, therefore, you can use them many times!


Recycled plastic is less expensive but can contain all kinds of chemicals. Competitors who use recycled plastic cannot offer certificates issued by well-known institutes, as the ingredients of their bags vary — but we can!

No recycled materials are used in the production of LAVA Vacuum Sealer Bags or Rolls. GUARANTEED!

-> LAVA: You get what you pay for!

Save when you buy our handy vacuum seal rolls bulk box. You will receive lucrative discounts from as little as 2 packages. Don’t ever run out of stock. After all, there is always a place to store some kryvac rolls.

Food safe storage

Most vacuum food sealer refill rolls are advertised as being BPA-free, but at LAVA Vacuum Packaging our products go a step further. All of our vacuum sealer rolls are compliant with:

  • EU Regulations
  • Food, Feedstuff and Commodities Codes
  • Consumer Goods Ordinances
  • Swiss Food and Utility Regulations

We make the best vacuum sealer rolls where everything is free of softeners, plasticiser and dangerous chemicals like polyethylene glycol and silica making our vacuum sealer rolls 100% food-safe. On top of that, none of our rolls impart any kind of odour or taste into your food, so you know that the flavour will be just as good as when you put them in the freezer.

Best vacuum sealer rolls in Australia

Whether you’re looking for vacuum seal rolls in Perth or further afield, LAVA Vacuum Packaging can help. We can ship to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, and further afield to the rest of Oceania, so everyone can use our high-end food cryovac rolls. Ordering is easy, simply create an account online and start shopping at LAVA Vacuum Packaging. If you do run into any problems, give us a call or contact us online and we’ll be happy to help. Our experts welcome enquiries from both residential and commercial customers and can provide tailored product recommendations if required.

Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia

The best-selling rolls! Designed as flexible endless rollers, 2-sided welded and open at the bottom. Our bags are currently available in 7 different sizes. LAVA food vacuum bags rolls execution is smooth on one side and structured on the other side. The structure allows the vacuum sealer to vacuum very quickly. Thanks to the very fine structure, liquid components on the goods will not be sucked up so fast towards the opening of the bag. Areas of application: Unlimited for all food and industrial and commercial products. Suitable equipment: Vacuum sealers of all makes without exception, also suitable for chamber vacuum machines.

Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia

Extra strong 160 mμ films are designed as endless rollers to have great flexibility. They are welded on both sides and open at the bottom. Available are currently 3 different sizes. The execution is smooth on one side and structured on the other side. Furthermore, our LAVA food save cryovac rolls structure allows the vacuum sealer to vacuum very quickly. Thanks to the very fine structure, liquid components on the goods will not be sucked up so fast towards the opening of the bag. Areas of application: Unrestricted for all foods due to the extra-strong design but especially recommended for sharp-edged products in trade and industry. Suitable equipment: As a rule, vacuum sealers of all makes (with or without chamber).

Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia

The Lava A-Vac Dry Aging Roll is a culinary essential, elevating home aging to professional standards. Experience enhanced flavors and textures with ease.

Vacuum Seal Rolls LAVA Australia

The black LAVA B-Vac vacuum sealer rolls offer exceptional versatility. Perfect for preserving freshness, enhancing flavours, and creating stunning product presentations.