Which foils are vacuum sealing suitable?

Vacuum Sealing Cheese Meat Fish Veggies LAVA V.500 Premium

Lava Vacuum Packaging Vacuum sealing is a straightforward process with the right equipment. The key consideration lies in the choice between using vacuum packing bags or vacuum packing rolls, whether with a textured or smooth surface. The determining factors are the vacuum sealing device in use and the nature of the items intended for preservation. What distinguishes vacuum bags from films?

Fundamentally, both options share the same foundational material, boasting impermeability to air and a typical resistance to tearing. The nuanced divergence resides in their dimensions. Vacuum bags come in various pre-defined sizes, albeit with limited room for contents. Conversely, film can be dispensed from a roll and subsequently custom-cut. This adaptable approach empowers the creation of precision-fitted vacuum-sealed packages, irrespective of whether the items require a larger or smaller enclosure.

Choosing Between Textured, Embossed, or Smooth?

The choice of surface structure is contingent upon the nature of the vacuum sealing apparatus. This factor dictates the appropriate bag type to be employed. Chamber vacuum sealers, typically found in professional-grade models, necessitate a sleek surface. With these machines, the entirety of the bag is inserted into the device. Within the vacuum chamber, air is extracted, and the bag is hermetically sealed. In contrast, external food vacuum sealers, including products like the Lava models, utilize welding seams. 

Which foils are vacuum sealing suitable? LAVA Australia

To ensure the complete absence of air without the formation of bubbles, embossed or textured surface structures are indispensable. Intriguingly, Lava vacuum sealer machines possess the flexibility to accommodate smooth surfaces, such as those presented by Lava G-Vac bags, employing a distinctive insertion technique. A visual guide within the Lava Test Kitchen offers insights into this methodology. A notable advantage inherent in smooth surface application is the gradual suction force, particularly advantageous when dealing with moisture-rich foods like meats.

Which foils are vacuum sealing suitable? LAVA Australia

The Key Lies in the Contents

When it comes to vacuum sealing items like vegetables or meat, it’s essential to opt for vacuum bags and films that are certified safe for food contact. It’s crucial to prioritize materials that are health-conscious. Lava’s range of vacuum films and bags are completely free from harmful additives such as BPA. For products sensitive to light and aroma, such as coffee, tea, or spices, specialized metallized vacuum bags like the Lava K-Vac are available. When vacuum sealing clothing or precious silver jewelry, while food safety isn’t a concern, the bags need to be exceptionally durable.

Essential Considerations in Vacuum Sealing

Not all vacuum bags are cut from the same cloth. Ensuring seamless vacuum sealing entails a thorough evaluation of the bags and films, encompassing the following key attributes:

Resilient to Heat and Cold

Vacuum sealing proves invaluable for freezing, thwarting the onset of freezer burn. LAVA cryovac bags with heat-resilience can withstand water bath heating, catering to sous-vide cooking and the swift preparation of frozen delicacies. Ideally, the materials are microwave-compatible, a characteristic exemplified by Lava’s line of vacuum bags and films.

Structural Integrity

A hallmark of efficient vacuum sealing is the formation of a robust sealing seam, coupled with tear resistance. For items with sharp contours, the adoption of an extra-durable film is paramount—Lava’s ES-Vac 160 microns extra-strong cryovac vacuum seal rolls stands out in this regard.

Unbiased Neutrality

Regrettably, economical vacuum bags don’t invariably exhibit flavour and odor neutrality, a factor that can considerably dampen one’s appetite.

Eco-conscious and Health-Preserving

Above all, the natural world and our personal well-being hold unparalleled significance. Hence, premium-grade vacuum seal bags and vacuum rolls embrace recyclability and dishwasher compatibility, unburdened by questionable components such as plasticizers.


Which foils are vacuum sealing suitable? LAVA Australia

A Specialist's Choice

While the i-Vac ESD vacuum bags by Lava might not be common in residential settings, they shine as an essential asset for industrial ventures. These specialized barrier bags offer optimal shielding for electronic components, ensuring impeccable defense against moisture and electrical discharge, courtesy of their unique multilayer coating, when vacuum sealing them.

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