Various Uses and Types of Vacuum Seal Bags: Which Should You Choose?

Best structured Vacuum Seal Bags Australia

Nowadays, more people are seeing the true value of vacuum sealer bags. In the recent past, people looked at vacuum sealers as just a fad, something that would be fashionable to own but not a necessity. This is because others think these sous vide bags are only good for cooking. For those who are straightforward when it comes to their food, the process seems unnecessary.


But these days, we are learning new uses for vacuum sealers. Aside from the fancy cooking technique, smart homeowners now use them to store various food items like meat and even cheese.

Food Uses of Vacuum Seal Bags

We all know that buying bulk is always the more economical option. When we buy more items, we get more value for money because of the discounts. But what hinders us from buying more is storage. Food is expensive and we do not want what we bought to just go bad in a matter of days.


This is where vacuum sealing comes in handy. When you seal meat like beef and chicken, you remove the air inside the bag. We need to remove it because the presence of oxygen around food is the reason why mould grows. Just look at a piece of cheese even when inside the refrigerator.

Various Uses and Types of Vacuum Seal Bags: Which Should You Choose? LAVA Australia

You may even buy vegetables, fruits, and herbs in bulk. We know these are healthy for us but we do not buy more than what we need for a few days because they get spoiled easily. It would also not be practical though to go to the market or grocery two to three times a week. As a result, there will really be days when we can’t serve fruits and vegetables.


With a vacuum sealer, you can buy more of these. Just put them inside a bag and they can last for weeks in your fridge. If you put your supplies in the freezer, such products can last for up to months.

Various Uses and Types of Vacuum Seal Bags: Which Should You Choose? LAVA Australia

Non-food Uses of Vacuum Seal Bags

There’s more. If you are smart enough to prepare early for emergencies, you can also rely on vacuum sealing.


For documents you want to protect from water damage, you can seal them as well. This is a great precaution in case of leaks due to broken pipes or unexpected flooding. In fact, if you are going on a boat ride and you want to ensure that some of your things and documents will not get wet, you may resort to this process also.


In your emergency preparedness bag, you also need to protect items that may soften and disintegrate over time. Lighter, matches, and the like are suitable for this. Moreover, you can seal important medicines and bandages. This way, no matter what happens, these will not get destroyed.

Types of Vacuum Seal Bags

Standard vacuum seal bags are among the most versatile in the market. If you are looking for foil that you can use for most food, this is your best bet. However, you still need to be careful in choosing which option to buy.


You want ones that are made from premium quality multilayer foils. Make sure to ask before you purchase if they are tear-resistant. Some of the products available in the market are rather thin and these could collapse easily.


The more durable ones can withstand extreme temperatures. They can last for years in the freezer. Look for one that can also survive the microwave and boiling water.


A plus factor also is if the bags can be reused so you can save more money. This is the advantage of buying top-quality products. With cheaper ones, you think you are saving money, but in the long run, they are not economical because you continuously need to buy more when you run out of them.


To ensure that they are safe, ask if they are BPA-free as well. Top-quality vacuum seal bags should also be food-safe, tasteless, and odourless.


If you need some that are suitable for commercial and industrial use, look for extra-strong vacuum seal bags. You may use these for items or food products that have bones or sharp edges.


Meanwhile, if you are going to store items that you want to be able to open quickly, you may buy vacuum zipper bags. They are very easy to use as you can just open and close them as needed. These types of bags are suitable for sous vide cooking.


Now if you fancy a perfect steak from time to time, you must specifically look for dry-ageing vacuum seal bags. Now, you can save more money with your meat as you age the beef the traditional way.


This is a special type of bag that will allow the flavour to be concentrated on the beef, producing the best steak you will ever have in your life. Not every manufacturer can guarantee this, so be sure to only get LAVA vacuum seal bags.


For sensitive electronic parts, meanwhile, you should get extra-strong EMI shielding ESD vacuum seal bags. This is your best option as this type is tear-resistant.


Now, if some items and products are light-resistant, look for the best metallised vacuum seal bags that you can find. These are perfect for storing items like coffee or spices as the material locks in the full flavour for a long time.


Once again, although there are a lot of cheaper options out there, you must always look for quality to get the most of your time and money.

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