Crafting Gravlax A Guide to Perfecting the Delicacy

Crafting Gravlax A Guide to Perfecting the Delicacy LAVA Australia

Gravlax, often referred to as pickled salmon, embodies culinary refinement. Whether enjoyed atop bread with honey-mustard sauce or as part of a salad, this exquisite fish dish consistently captivates with its understated elegance. Consequently, it holds a special place, particularly during festive occasions.

However, a lesser-known fact is that preparing gravlax is remarkably achievable through the utilization of a fish vacuum sealer and select spices. We’re here to elucidate the process, guiding you through the steps of crafting this delicacy yourself.

The Origins of Gravlax A Culinary Journey

Gravlax emerges as a distinct specialty hailing from the Scandinavian landscapes. The term itself, when translated literally, signifies “buried salmon.” This nomenclature offers insight into the traditional technique employed for its creation, wherein salted salmon was concealed within chilly soil or sand for a brief duration. This process facilitated the extraction of excess liquid from the fish, enhancing its preservation and durability.

Crafting Gravlax A Guide to Perfecting the Delicacy LAVA Australia
Crafting Gravlax A Guide to Perfecting the Delicacy LAVA Australia

Crafting Your Own Gravlax

In contemporary times, the art of making gravlax has evolved beyond the need to excavate a garden hole. The traditional subterranean chamber finds its modern equivalent in the form of a vacuum bag. To ensure the delicate nature of the raw fish is preserved during the vacuum-sealing process, employing a gentle vacuum is recommended. This approach maintains the integrity of the seal while preventing any undesirable liquid influx. Worth noting is the versatility in fish choice – while salmon is the classic option, trout also stands as an excellent candidate for crafting these delectable gravlax fillets.

Crafting Gravlax: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to prepare a delightful serving of gravlax for 2:


  • 2 salmon fillets with skin (about 1.5 kg)
  • 100 g Lava Graved spice mix
  • Optional: 1 bunch of fresh dill or a portion of dried dill
Crafting Gravlax A Guide to Perfecting the Delicacy LAVA Australia

Step 1: Initial Preparation Begin by washing the fresh salmon fillets, patting them dry, and meticulously removing any bones using tweezers. Trim the fat edges and fin tips for a clean finish.


Step 2: Embrace the Spice Generously apply the Lava Graved Spice Mixture onto the salmon fillet, ensuring complete coverage over the surface.


Step 3: Bagging It Up Gently position the seasoned salmon fillet within a vacuum bag. Fold the bag’s edges down to prevent them from getting soiled during the filling process. Utilize a salmon board or a slim chopping board to assist in placing the fillet into the bag, making sure not to vacuum the board along with the fillet.

Step 4: Infusion Time Seal the fillet within the vacuum bag and marinate it within the refrigerator for 48-72 hours. Applying a slight pressure is recommended to facilitate proper absorption of the flavours. Pro tip: You can add weight to the salmon, using a full juice or milk carton placed on a cutting board. Rotate the salmon 1-2 times daily to ensure even distribution of the marinade.


Step 5: Culinary Delight After 2-3 days, remove the salmon from the vacuum seal bag, rinse it under running water, and gently pat it dry. If desired, sprinkle fresh or dried dill, or other herbs on the surface. Proceed to thinly slice the gravlax. For an exquisite dining experience, serve the salmon slices with freshly baked bread, cucumber salad, and a drizzle of honey-mustard sauce.


Step 6: Storing with Care The marinated salmon can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Alternatively, you can vacuum-seal it and freeze it on salmon boards for longer preservation.

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