What Size Vacuum Storage Bag Do I Need?

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There are so many things that you can put in a vacuum storage bag, and it all depends on the item you intend to use it with to know what size you will need. However, not every bag is the same. All of them can cover your valuables, but the protection all comes down to standard quality.


It is also necessary to know the dimensions of the bag to imagine how your things are going to fit in. Not every “large” sizing has the exact measurements for different manufacturers.

A Helpful Guide To Vacuum Storage Bag Sizes

Our priority is to make sure our customers find the most suitable vacuum seal bags, for anything they need to. In order to make it as helpful as possible, we are here to give you the dimensions and necessary details in each sizing. Even if you are not one of our customers, we still ensure that you find this article useful in finding the one that works best for you.


What Size Vacuum Storage Bag Do I Need? LAVA Australia

Travel Rolls (33.5cm x 6m)

First of all, travel rolls are actually vacuum seal rolls, but we included them in the list as they are space-savers, especially if you are the type of person that travels a lot. It is suitable for storing towels and a few clothes inside your luggage and bags. It has a dimension of 33.5cm x 6m, which is just enough for smaller items like fabric.


160microns Channelled Vacuum Seal Rolls


Medium (30cm x 40cm)

Medium size has a 20cm x 30cm dimension that can also cover some towels and other clothes like denim and jumpers. However, it would not be best for bulky winter clothes and beddings as they require a larger bag. You can put the essential documents in this size to keep them from accidents while travelling or just at home.

Large (34cm x 60cm)

For your winter clothes, thick towels, and curtains, it would be best to use the Large size with 34cm x 60cm. You can also use these even if you are only at home to keep these items from acquiring dirt and moulds due to infrequent usage.

Extra Large (40cm x 60cm)

You will need the Extra Large size bag with 40cm x 60cm to use for your pillows, double duvets, larger curtains, a pile of clothes, and more. If you need to store or move your unused beddings and pillows, this is a reliable size to get.

Jumbo (70cm x 100cm)

The Jumbo size has a dimension of 70cm x 100cm. This is relatively larger than the previous sizes, and you can use it to store multiple duvets, like a double and king-size winter duvet, all in one bag. That is how big it is!


You can also use this to pack all of your winter clothes in one package so you wouldn’t have to go beyond measures to bring several bags. Due to this, the size is widely popular among our customers.

What Size Vacuum Storage Bag Do I Need? LAVA Australia

Benefits Of Using Vacuum Seal Bags

Using vacuum storage bags is so much better than just using plain bags for storage. However, always check the quality so it would be durable and reliable, and it won’t rip if you try to seal them. You can always find a high-quality and affordable one, so avoid purchasing cheap bags if you don’t want any problems midway.


Do you also know that there are some benefits using vacuum storage bags has for you? It includes the following:

1. Reduces bacteria growth


Vacuum storage bags work by decreasing the amount of oxygen present in the bag. This helps regulate the growth of fungi and bacteria in food. The lack of oxygen prevents chemical reactions, making it last longer and less susceptible to spoilage.


It also works the same with clothes, as it can avoid the growth of mold on the fabric if you don’t intend to use them often.


2. Space-saving


Vacuum sealing can reduce the size of a bag by almost half of the original. This makes it easier to store bulky and seasonal clothing in cabinets and drawers. It also saves spaces in the pantry and refrigerator when storing ingredients and leftovers. You can stack them against each other without too much inconvenience.


3. Reduces waste


Vacuum seal bags are reusable, given that the former item you stored doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell and greasy residue. It is not recommended to use bags that previously contained food for clothes and other things.


4. Efficient


Due to easy storage, it would also be easier to get precisely what you need without disturbing other items, food, or clothing beside it.


Additional information


When storing clothes, always remember that it is not recommended to vacuum seal fabric with natural fibers for an extended period as they need air to maintain their structure. The clothes perfect for vacuum storing are seasonal clothes that you are less likely to wear in the next six months or so.


Also, when storing non-food items, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. For food items and produce, there is a specific machine that seals the bag. You can purchase it separately from the bags.


That is everything you need to know about vacuum storage bags. Do not hesitate to invest in quality as it will pay off with bag performance and durability. You will also be guaranteed that all of your food packs, clothes, beddings, and other items are secured and protected from accidents and other factors that might damage them.

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