How You Can Choose The Best Vacuum Sealer Bags

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An ordinary trip to the grocery will make people realize that food is expensive. Not only this, we know that fresh, top quality and nutritious food are much more expensive. With the kind of economy the world has now, it is crucial that when we buy them, we will not allow any item to go to waste. One way of keeping food fresh is by using reliable vacuum sealing machines and the best quality vacuum seal bags.


Before we proceed, we must understand first what vacuum sealing is. Basically, when you put food inside a vacuum seal bag, a machine removes the air from around the items inside the bag. It then fuses the edges of the bag to seal it. This also prevents air from coming back in.


This process has many benefits. First, it preserves the food and prevents unnecessary spoilage when you store them inside your refrigerator or freezer. Second, it helps protect your food from chemicals that may contaminate your food if they are exposed. Third, it helps you better store items, as the process makes them more compact.


There are a lot more advantages to using this process. But to fully enjoy them, as previously mentioned, a lot depends on the quality of the vac pack bags that you use. Not all vacuum packing bags are created equal. So you need to research diligently so that you will save time, money, and stress. Here are some pointers when choosing such bags:

Make sure the plastic is safe to use for food.

The most basic requirement here is for these vac bags and vacuum seal rolls to be non-toxic and BPA-free. BPA is short for bisphenol-A that is commonly used to make plastic. This chemical may penetrate food when the plastic is exposed to heat. Such poses a health risk for people.


However, these days, everyone advertises that they are BPA-free. So does this mean that all the existing seal bags in the market are safe? Not quite.


Some hazardous chemicals are in plastic ingredients like plasticiser, polyethylene glycol, talc, silica, and others. If you only look at BPA, you might miss these.

How You Can Choose The Best Vacuum Sealer Bags LAVA Australia

Another way to make sure the plastic is safe is to check if the manufacturers comply with the necessary guidelines and regulations. The Swiss Food and Utility Regulation, EU Framework Regulation, and Food, Feedstuff and Commodities Code protect consumers from hazardous materials.


LAVA vacuum sealer bags maintain high standards when it comes to their products. The company’s goal is to provide risk-free, high-quality bags that people can use for their food.

How You Can Choose The Best Vacuum Sealer Bags LAVA Australia

Buy what’s appropriate for your intended use.

There are different types of bags and you must buy one that is best suited for your purpose. Our best-selling vac packing bags are R-Vac 20x30cm, which is why we also offer them in a vacuum seal bag bulk box.

If you are using one for sous vide cooking, you want one that will stay in place so that your food will not touch the water. It is also a must that the bags will not affect the taste of your meal. Choose options that are completely tasteless and odourless.

This cooking process may look too sophisticated and fancy for some people. But with the right vacuum seal bag, your family will enjoy the culinary feast you will prepare for them.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to preserve big pieces of meat for freezing, you need bags that are suited for heavy-duty use. Some cheaper ones are available but do you want to risk spoiling or destroying your food? A high-quality bag will ensure that the meat and food you store will last up to two years.


Not all companies can promise this, so before you invest in such materials, you have done your part in learning which ones are legit. Do not be swayed by fancy marketing tactics or suspiciously affordable prices. When it comes to food and your health, do not compromise on quality.

Choose what’s most economical.

This does not automatically mean picking the cheapest option. We all know of the classic adage that we ultimately get what we pay for. So the economical choice is not necessarily the most affordable.


Since you will be needing a lot of plastic for your food, it is important to choose reusable seal bags. There are limited options, but it is best to get them. They are worth it in the end.


Imagine being able to use them again and again. If for one week you have used some for vegetables, once you consume them, you can use them the following week for poultry. The possibilities are endless. You just need to take good care of them, and they will last a long time.


You may even clean some using a dishwasher. These bags are the more durable ones as they are made with quality materials.


Food is not cheap. So we must do what we can to preserve them because it’s good for us and the environment. One smart way of preserving food is by vacuum sealing. This process, when done properly using top-quality materials, is safe, sustainable, and economical.


A crucial part of this is choosing the bags. As we have mentioned, various companies offer different variations. You must be wise in choosing, though. Since it involves food and therefore your family’s safety, you have to go the extra mile. Make sure you research and pick the ones that are best suitable for you and your loved ones. LAVA vacuum seal bags have high standards of safety, are durable, and economical, this is why food enthusiasts prefer these products.

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