Preserving in Vacuum-Sealed Jars – Perfect for Harvest Season

Preserving in Vacuum-Sealed Jars - Perfect for Harvest Season LAVA Australia

With the advent of autumn, gardens brim with ripe fruits and vegetables, signaling the time for gardening enthusiasts to embark on their canning and preservation journey. Whether transformed into delectable jams, hearty soups, smooth purées, or preserved in their natural juices, the yield of homegrown produce remains remarkably fresh well into the colder months. Yet, ensuring that no unpleasant mold surprises arise upon opening later requires the establishment of a flawless vacuum seal within each jar. This objective is best achieved through the application of heat or by utilizing a Lava vacuum sealer, which showcases the capability to not only vacuum seal bags and containers but also to effectively vacuum seal jars.

The Resurgence of Canning A Look into the Why

In the days of our grandparents, preserved supplies were an essential lifeline. Winter brought about a scarcity of fresh vegetables and fruits, a time when the absence of sophisticated greenhouse facilities and intricate distribution systems was felt. The notion of enjoying fresh berries in December seemed implausible, except when plucked from a canning jar. However, as progress in technology has unfolded, it hasn’t always been harmonious with the environment. This has led to a renewed interest in self-preserved foods, which not only harbor sustainability but also offer the advantage of ingredient transparency. Especially in an age shadowed by food controversies and the prevalence of artificial preservatives, this facet holds ever-increasing significance.

Preserving in Vacuum-Sealed Jars - Perfect for Harvest Season LAVA Australia
Preserving in Vacuum-Sealed Jars - Perfect for Harvest Season LAVA Australia

Preserving in Vacuum-Sealed Jars A Method to Prolong Freshness

The prevention of spoilage within jarred foods hinges on the cessation of the oxidation process—simply put, the expulsion of air becomes paramount. Various techniques can fulfil this objective. The practice yielding the highest safety and prolonged shelf life for canned products is undoubtedly vacuum sealing. When compared to conventional approaches, vacuum-sealed edibles can endure storage for up to ten times longer. For those opting to vacuum seal jars with a Lava cryovac machine, two avenues present themselves: utilizing the Lava accessory’s vacuum chamber or engaging in vacuum sealing within a designated vacuum container.

Introducing the Lava Vacuum Bell

Effortlessly manageable and impeccably hygienic, the vacuum bell by Lava presents a convenient sealing solution. This accessory is seamlessly connected to the Lava device, transitioning into container mode with a simple switch. The vacuum bell for jars is then positioned atop the container, initiating the vacuuming process. Once the pinnacle of vacuum pressure is attained, the bell is easily removed. The Lava vacuum bell accommodates containers possessing lid circumferences ranging between 8 to 9 centimeters. This encompasses the likes of robust twist-off jars, including those housing pickles, sauerkraut, and beetroot. Additionally, it extends its compatibility to two-part aluminum-lid canning jars.

Lava’s Insider Tip: For foods subject to canning, it’s imperative that the contents have cooled significantly. With twist-off jars, it’s advisable to tighten the lid until noticeable resistance is met.

Explore the Simplicity of Vacuum Sealing with the Vacuum Bell in our Instructional Video

Container-Based Vacuum Sealing for Jars

When dealing with jars that can’t undergo vacuum sealing using the vacuum bell due to size or surface constraints, an effective approach involves utilizing a container. Here’s how: Position the jar with its lid securely shut within a larger container. Initiate the vacuum sealing process for the outer container. As a result, the vacuum established within the larger container seamlessly extends to vacuum seal the smaller jar encased within.

Video: Experience the Ease of Vacuum Sealing Jars within a Container in Our Demonstration

A Spectrum of Options

The art of canning has been rejuvenated, and it encompasses more than just preserving sweet fruits within glass jars. Pickled vegetables, such as tangy cucumbers, vibrant beets, hearty pumpkin, and versatile zucchini, along with the enduring freshness of oven-roasted tomatoes, infuse diversity into your culinary repertoire. Furthermore, the utility of canning jars extends to accommodating pre-made dishes like sauerkraut, hearty soups, flavorful stews, or thoughtfully prepared meal prep creations.

Preserving in Vacuum-Sealed Jars - Perfect for Harvest Season LAVA Australia

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