Here’s How A Vacuum Sealer Can Benefit You And Your Family

Sealed Food

What are vacuum sealers?

Basically, vacuum sealers extract the air from the space around your food before fusing the edges of the bag together using a hot seal bar, preventing the air from seeping back into the bag.


If you’ve been considering purchasing a vacuum sealer, whether for sous vide or otherwise, there are numerous compelling reasons to do so.

What are the different types of vacuum sealers?

  1. Chamber vacuum sealer: Vacuum sealing liquids in a chamber machine is possible because, rather than removing air from the pouch, the air is removed from the entire chamber. As a result, the air pressure within and outside the pocket stays unchanged, keeping liquids securely inside the bag. When utilizing this type of vacuum sealer equipment, you insert the vacuum sealer bag or jar into the vacuum chamber. Furthermore, this sealer can help you store soups, beverages, and other liquids. However, you can use them with solid food too. 
Here’s How A Vacuum Sealer Can Benefit You And Your Family LAVA Australia
  1. External vacuum sealer: The suction vacuum packing machines, often known as external vacuum sealers, is the more conventional vacuum sealer. These devices simply sucking all of the air out of the required bag and then seal it. In return, the suction vacuum sealer is not ideal for liquid goods. Instead, they work better with both solid and frozen food.
Here’s How A Vacuum Sealer Can Benefit You And Your Family LAVA Australia

How are vacuum sealers helpful?

Including a vacuum food sealer in your kitchen is a wise decision. Aside from preserving your food from hazardous chemicals, vacuum sealers provide a slew of other benefits:

  1. Reduce freezer burn:  While freezer burn is not harmful to your health, it does affect the flavour and texture of your food. Freezer burn is caused by moisture loss from freezer storage. It causes changes in food quality, such as ice crystals, shrivelled vegetables, and harsh, leathery, and discoloured meats. Vacuum sealing helps to avoid this by keeping air away from the food.
  2. Sous vide cooking: Sous vide, which translates to “under vacuum” in French, is the method of vacuum-sealing food in a bag and then cooking it to a specific temperature in a water bath. This approach yields outcomes that are impossible to attain with any other manner of cooking. If you enjoy cooking sous vide, a professional sous-vide vacuum sealer will spare you the trouble of dealing with fussy zip-top bags. It also guarantees that as much air as possible is removed, preventing the pouches from floating while cooking.
  3. Time-saving: Planning your meal can spare you a significant amount of time in the morning. Furthermore, with the help of commercial-grade cryovac machine, you can easily produce a meal by preheating pre-cooked food. This will remove a lot of hassle, especially in the mornings when you are running late.
  4. Prevents you from adding to food waste: There are two types of food waste: food loss and food waste. The larger category is food loss, which includes any edible food that is uneaten at any point. Food waste, on the other hand, is defined as those that are thrown away. When you have a food saver vacuum sealer inside your kitchen, you get to preserve food instead of discarding them. In return, you lessen your overall food waste. 
  5. Better storage management: Since you take most of the air out of bags, it becomes easier to arrange your food inside your fridge or cupboard. This allows you to keep things neat and organized. In exchange, you will not have to rummage through your fridge to locate what you want to eat.
  6. Lesser artificial flavouring consumption: Now that you have to store your food for long periods, you can essentially get rid of buying those containing tons of preservatives. Overall, you naturally become more inclined to consume fresher and healthier food. 
  7. Better tasting food: The moisture, fluids, and taste of the meal are kept in via vacuum sealing. Therefore, this is ideal if you want to marinate your meat. This is because vacuum sealing causes the pores on the food to expand wide and absorb the marinade liquid.
  8. Storing dietary products: If you or someone you know have certain restrictions, using a cryovac machine can help separate certain food. Also, you can keep costly food, like those that are gluten or dairy-free, uncontaminated for more extended periods.
  9. Preserve other things: You can also use vacuum sealers to preserve important papers, like birth certificates, wills, and titles. This is also helpful for the contents of your emergency kits, like bandages, batteries, and flashlights. 


Vacuum packing food for vacation is an excellent method to save money on food. Packing your own snacks is significantly less expensive than purchasing them along the way whether you are planning a road trip or going outside of the country.

Final thoughts:

Food that has been vacuum-sealed and frozen may be preserved for up to 2-3 years in many situations, but those stored in other ways, such as how you purchase it from the grocery store, will last an average of 6-12 months at best. Furthermore, some perishable items, such as berries, maybe vacuum-sealed and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 weeks, which is much longer than the 2-6 days typical foods remain in the fridge.


Like what was explained earlier, these devices offer more benefits than just food preservation. Thus, with everything considered, vacuum sealers are definitely worth the purchase. 

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