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What You Need To Know About Vacuum Sealers Before Getting One

Importance of food preservation.
Most of the time, we do not pay attention to the food we put into our bodies. In fact, we
frequently consider solely the flavour of our food rather than its quality. What you should know is
that food preparation, preservation, shipping, and other procedures are all susceptible to
external contamination and spoilage corruption. However, if we refrain from preserving food, this
will result in a considerable rise in the possibility of hunger and food shortages.
For decades, people have developed different ways to preserve their food. This often gives us
dry, pickled, smoked, and other types of food. In addition to that, since fruits and vegetables
have their seasons, we cannot have them all year round. This is why people are looking for
more effective ways to keep them fresh and delicious.
Now, we use different products such as plastic and glass containers, zip lock bags, and paper
wraps. However, in this article, we are going to focus more on using vacuum sealers.
What are vacuum sealers?
Vacuum sealing is one of the most recent technological breakthroughs in the food processing
sector. These products offer a method of sealing that is now widely regarded as one of the most
effective ways to keep or preserve any food item. Moreover, there are now many different types
of vacuum sealers on the market. To make a general observation, most of them can either be
classified as chamber or suction.
The general function of a vacuum sealer is to remove air from plastic bags, vacuum sealer rolls,
and specifically constructed containers before sealing them tight to protect the contents.
Furthermore, they are commonly used to freeze things, including meat, fish, poultry, veggies,
and even fruits.
Vacuum sealers compared to alternatives
To further let you understand why vacuum sealers are so helpful, you need to know about their
advantages compared to other items.

1 Zip lock bags

If you are a fan of storing food, especially snacks, then chances are you already have zip lock
bags inside your kitchen. However, while they can keep your chips crunchy, they are not that
useful when it comes to storing food like meat, fish, and other frozen goods. Yes, they come in
different sizes and are available in almost every grocery store, but they cannot prolong shelf life
as much as vacuum sealers.

Furthermore, when comparing the two, the quality of food for those stored in vacuum sealers
are exponentially better. However, one edge that zip lock bags have is that they are better at
storing liquids.

Z-Vac Vacuum Seal Zipper Bags
Z-Vac Vacuum Seal Zipper Bags

2 Plastic or glass containers

The most advantageous feature of glass or plastic containers is their cost-effectiveness and
convenience. You can use and reuse these products for a long time, and it will not take a lot of
money to replace them. However, when it comes to the quality of your food, when you preserve
them in these, you are not entirely sure if they are well protected from harmful bacteria and

G-Line Glass Vacuum Container
G-Line Glass Vacuum Container

3 Paper wraps

While paper wraps are widely available on the market, and you can even use paper from your
own house, these items will not do a good deal when preserving your food. In fact, because of
the material, they can easily be ruined or destroyed. In return, your food will not be preserved
and protected well.
Also, paper is not also ideal to be stored inside the freezer because chances are, it will only
stick to your food and stiffen.

4 Cling wrappers and foil

Cling wraps and foil are inexpensive and readily accessible materials that will help you preserve
your food. In addition to that, if used carefully, you can also reuse them. However, using them
often is not good for the environment at all. Plastic is one of the top pollutants in the world.
Vacuum sealers, on the other hand, will not contribute that much waste. All you have to do is cut
the sealed part, replace its contents, and re-seal.
Benefits of using vacuum sealers
Now that we have compared vacuum sealers to other food preservation materials, we can now
move on to the benefits they offer:

1 Food preservation

Food spoils as a result of oxygen getting into food storage containers. When this happens, a
chemical reaction occurs that can destroy your food. The ultimate reason as to why companies
purchase vacuum sealers is to help them preserve their products. To be more specific, vacuum
sealers/ food preservers are widely used in the food processing industry or when packaging food items.
At home, you can use this to keep your leftover food for later consumption. Additionally, this preservation
approach avoids dehydration of the food and eliminates the possibility of freezer burns.

2 Healthier options

Between trying to manage our time at school, work, etc. we lose the priority to prepare healthy
and quality food. As a result, we purchase food that is pre-packaged and unhealthy. However, when you have a vacuum sealer, you now have the option to plan healthier meals ahead and
store them for consumption throughout the week. Unlike many other preservation procedures,
there is no need for unpleasant chemicals or other additions that might harm your food if you
use vacuum sealers.

3 Lesser food waste

Lastly, but most importantly, when you learn how to preserve your food, you get to keep them
longer. Food stored for extended periods of time is less likely to spoil, resulting in reduced food
waste. Plus, you’ll be able to save money by purchasing food in bulk and storing it safely for
later consumption.

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